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MainWP Code Snippets Extension is a simple way to add code snippets to your child sites from one centralized location. The code snippet is a small chunk of PHP code inserted directly into your child sites. Sometimes they contain full functions; other times, they modify an existing function.

MainWP Code Snippets Extension is a simple way to add code snippets to your Child Sites from one centralized location. No need to edit your theme’s functions.php file or wp-config anymore!

Code Snippet is a small chunk of PHP code that can be inserted directly into your Child Sites. Sometimes they contain full functions; other times, they modify an existing feature.

This tool is for advanced users only. We recommend it to experienced PHP developers.

– Create And Execute Your PHP Code Snippets Across All Your Sites

With this Extension, you will be able to execute tasks like synchronizing the settings of a plugin, changing the content of any posts, updating widgets, or getting post counts across your network, and you can do all of this from your Dashboard.

Execute WordPress Code Snippets - MainWP

The MainWP Code Snippet Extension allows you to run code in three ways:

1. Have a Code Snippet execute a function on the Child Site

You would use this option to make actual changes to your Child Sites. For example, if you wanted to customize the admin footer across different websites in your network, you would use this option.

2. Have a Code Snippet return information from a Child Site

This option queries the Child Site and returns the information to you. An example would be if you wanted to know the published post count of all of your sites.

3. Have a Code Snippet edit the wp-config.php file on a Child Site

One of the most critical files in your WordPress installation is the wp-config.php file. A Code Snippet in this section allows you to do things such as increase WordPress memory, block external requests, disable WP-Cron, and much more!

– The Power is in Your Hands!

This Extension gives you immense freedom when managing your Child Sites; here are just a few useful things you can accomplish using Code Snippets:

The possibilities are endless; the only limitation is your imagination.

We also include a few pre-coded snippets to get you started.

– Save and Use Your Favorite Snippets Unlimited Number of Times

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could save your favorite snippets and run them on multiple sites when needed, all with just a few clicks?

MainWP Code Snippets Extension allows you to save your code snippets and use them repeatedly whenever you need them.

Saved WordPress Code Snippets - MainWP

– Extend the functionality of your Child Sites

Use code snippets as mini-plugins and reduce the load on your websites.

– Speed up your WordPress maintenance process

Clear trash, update settings, set redirections, and much more with Code Snippets.

– Save code snippets and re-run them whenever needed

Save your favorite Snippets and re-run them whenever required.

– Run code snippets on multiple sites simultaneously

Simultaneously run functions on any website you want.

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