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Virusdie is a powerful, user-friendly, & professional-grade antivirus for your websites. It monitors all your Child Sites directly from your MainWP.

Fix and Protect all Your Hacked Sites

Virusdie has only one focus — Protecting your websites. Virusdie features an incredibly extensive database and a stack of technologies to detect viruses and threats. Virusdie detects both, viruses and website vulnerabilities and this is something that makes it different than other antivirus or defender products.

See how it works!

Virusdie Dashboard

Accurate Reports

With its phenomenally low false-positive rate (less than 0.0002%), Virusdie gives you greater peace of mind than you’ve ever experienced with a WordPress virus scan solution.

Virusdie Reports

Why use Virusdie with MainWP?

→ Virusdie Free Tier

Through our partnership with Virusdie, the WordPress virus scanner, we were able to procure additional benefits for the free tier:

  • Signing up on – 1 site virus scan once a month.
  • Signing up through the MainWP Virusdie Extension: All sites on your MainWP Dashboard are scanned once a week.

Additional Virusdie free benefits:

  • Weekly email notifications.
  • Automatic upload of Virusdie’s sync file, no need to FTP it to each site.
  • Scanned results show directly on your MainWP Dashboard.

The Private​ WordPress Manager

All Managed WP Sites on One Screen

MainWP brings all your WordPress management tasks under one Dashboard. Create your clients’ profiles, add sites, organize them with Tags, and MainWP will act as your sites manager.

Effortless Updates with WordPress Manager

Stop wasting time updating your WordPress sites one by one. The MainWP WordPress site manager makes it simple and super easy to update everything including Translations across all your managed WP sites.

Plugins and Themes Management

Being a WordPress maintenance plugin, MainWP allows to Install, Activate, Deactivate, Update or Delete plugins and themes across all your managed WP sites and keeps track of changes made outside the MainWP Dashboard.

WordPress Users Management

Managing users on your managed WP sites is now as easy as it can be. Need to create a new WordPress user on your WP managed site? No problem!

Uptime and Site Health Monitoring

Things can quickly go wrong, and you can’t be around all the time to monitor your WordPress sites. MainWP alerts you to any SSL, domain, or vulnerability issues that need your attention.

Extend Your MainWP Dashboard Functionality

Browse our catalog of MainWP Extensions for Backups, Marketing, SEO, Maintenance, Security, Monitoring, and other tools to streamline your WordPress managements tasks.

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