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Yes, our plugin allows you to set personalized maximum product quantities for each user or user role. You can also apply limits based on categories and tags.

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Have you ever wanted to restrict the products your customer can purchase? Either in lifetime or in specific period?

While this might not be the case for everyone (since we all want to sell as much as we can), in many cases you want to maintain your inventory and guarantee fairness across your customers (specially when running massive promotions), and here comes a handy plugin to restrict the amount, quantities, or orders that each customer can place on your store.

In a nutshell, here is what you can do with this plugin:

  • Limit maximum products quantity per user
  • Select type of limitation/restriction to apply, whether by quantity, number of orders, prices, weights, or volume
  • Specify how long the restriction to be applied, lifetime, in a month/year or custom date range
  • Customize & set restrictions by user role
  • Control & customize messages appearing for users on limits
  • Exclude specific products from plugin settings
  • Multi-language sites support (WPML & Polylang)

And much more.




As basic as it sounds, the plugin allows you to restrict what your customers can purchase, restrictions/limits can be based on:


This method allows you to restrict the maximum number (quantity) of products a customer can purchase, restricting it by 10 for example will allow your customers to buy 10 of a single product, or 2 products with quantity of 5 each.

Use cases:

  1. Limited Edition Items: You have a limited edition product, and you want to ensure that each customer can purchase only a maximum of 2 units to provide a fair opportunity for more customers to access the product.
  2. Bulk Purchase Limit: To prevent abuse of discounts, you set a restriction of 10 units per order for a specific product, ensuring that customers cannot exploit bulk purchase discounts excessively.


This limits the number or orders a customer can place (lifetime or specified time range) on your store, useful when you want to restrict 1 order per month for example.
The plugin allows you to specify what order status(es) should be treated as a full order, like considering order in plugin restrictions when order status is “Completed” or “Processing” for example.

Use cases:

  1. Subscription Services: Your store offers a subscription-based service, and you want to limit customers to one subscription order per month to align with your monthly billing cycle.
  2. Pharmaceutical Prescriptions: In compliance with some pharmaceutical regulations, you can restrict customers to one order per month for prescription medications to ensure controlled and periodic dispensing.


This allows you to control maximum price (per product) customers can purchase, for example, you can restrict specific user roles from buying expensive products if they are new to your store and afraid of fraud or high returns.

Use cases:

  1. New Customer Trial Period: For new customers, you want to limit the purchase of high-value items during the first month to minimize the risk of fraud or returns, setting a maximum purchase price for specific user roles.
  2. Membership Tiers: Different user roles have varying purchase limits based on their membership tiers. Premium members, for instance, can buy higher-priced items compared to standard members.


If you need to restrict orders based on product weight or volume, the plugin helps in accomplishing that. This type of restrictions can be very useful in shipping constraints, when packages are set to specific dimensions (volume) or maximum weight per order.

Use cases:

  1. Shipping Constraints: To comply with shipping regulations, you set restrictions on the maximum weight and volume per order. This ensures that customers cannot place orders that exceed the shipping constraints of your chosen carriers.
  2. Fragile Items: Products with specific weight or volume constraints, such as fragile or bulky items, are restricted to ensure safe and cost-effective shipping, preventing customers from overloading orders with delicate items.


Set different restrictions & limitations for what your customers can purchase (order, quantity, prices, etc) based on user role, whether standard WordPress/WooCommerce roles, or custom ones you have.

Use cases:

  1. Wholesale Customers: You have wholesale customers who buy in large quantities. Using the plugin, you can set higher product quantity limits for users with the “Wholesale” role, allowing them to place bulk orders while maintaining control over the order size.
  2. VIP or Premium Members: You offer a VIP or premium membership program. Members with this special role enjoy the privilege of higher order limits and can purchase products at a higher price point, providing exclusive benefits to your loyal and high-value customers
  3. New Customer Trial Period: To encourage new customers to explore your products, you set relaxed restrictions for users with the “New Customer” role during their first month. This allows them to experience a variety of offerings without immediate constraints on quantity or prices.


When you limit the maximum products a customer can buy, you need to define the period in which this restriction will be applied, i.e. is it a lifetime, in a week, in a month, and so on.

You can specify to reset the count for every customer for any specific period (in seconds, minutes, hours, days, or weeks), where the customers will start a new purchase limit when that specified period passes.


The plugin allows you to go further and control what restrictions to apply to guest users (non logged-in) in case you’re allowing guest checkout on your WooCommerce store.

You can select from multiple options to apply restrictions in these cases:

  • Do nothing (i.e. do not limit guests sales), such option will allow people to bypass all restrictions
  • Do nothing but block guests from purchasing products beyond the limits, this will treat guest users similar to logged-in ones
  • Block guests from buying products
  • Identify guests by IP address
  • Identify guests by checkout billing email address


You can personalize the messages appearing to your customers on different locations, informing them about their quantities and limits.


Select to validate product quantities when they add items to their cart, so customers are aware of limits before reaching the cart.

On cart, you can also configure the plugin to show notifications either as notice, error, or success with custom messages using shortcodes available.

If customers have multiple items with wrong limits, you can also show multiple notices (one for each product).


You can prevent customers from accessing the checkout page on exceeded limits, and they will be redirected to the cart page in this case.

In addition, you can use more validation actions, like woocommerce_review_order_before_submit to validate the limits on checkout update.


Don’t leave your customers lost between error messages when trying to add to cart, show product limit information either as a notice, in product summary, or product description.

Customize the message by showing the remaining amount allowed for that product, and you can also include what the customer has already bought, using this format:
“The remaining amount for %product_title% is %remaining% (you’ve already bought %bought% out of %limit%).”


Add a separate tab on “My Account” where customers can see the purchased, remaining, and maximum amounts they can buy from each product.

The tab is customizable by name, id, and icon (from FontAwesome), and further customization can be applied to its text content as well.


The plugin isn’t only about restricting what customers can buy, it comes with variety of options that help admins better manage customers sales and see where they should/can enforce some limitations.


Admins can see and edit each user’s sales data in their profile pages, so admins can have general overview of calculated sales data (periodic or lifetime) for each customer.


Admins can also have the option of exporting all users sales data to CSV files, with custom column separator.

You can also select to export users sales data in a single row (for further analysis) and customize data separator and any extra metas you need in the report.


Even if you installed the plugin just today, you can run a tool to recalculate all previous data for your customers, and include outputs in plugin restriction settings you want to apply.

You can also start in a clean slate at any moment, delete all saved sales data for your customers (from plugin calculations, not actual data) and start implementing limitations after that.

“Great plugin & support: This plugin does exactly what it says it does. The creator Tom offers amazing support, and was very willing to help make sure everything was working perfectly. I definitely recommend this plugin and Tom’s support.” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ jburkhart24

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All what’s listed above (and more) is available in the free version, but for those who would like to go further and beyond, we have a premium version of Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce Pro plugin.


The plugin by default deals with products quantities, the Pro feature allows you to add limits (all limits mentioned above) based on category & tag.

This option adds a new meta key in products categories & tags where you can specify the maximum limit you want to be enforced.


Want to specify a maximum amount by product and not quantity? You can configure the maximum amount/quantity of any particular product using this option, by having a new key in each product page to set the limit you need.


The default limiting options aren’t enough for you? Those who love math equations & formulas can use advanced methods to calculate limits for users, based on various shortcodes like:
user_role, payment_method, product_id, term_id, product_sku.
And much more.


In the Pro version, you can select to prevent guest customers from buying anything on your store, or allow regular guest checkout but prevent exceeding plugin limits.

Multiple options are also available to customize the error/notice messages to show to guest users.

You can even change “Add to cart” button text/label for guest users to something like “Login to purchase”, furthermore, you can hide products blocked from guest users from shop/category & search pages.


If you just want error messages to become notices, you can allow users to place orders with exceeding limits without preventing them from checkout.


The plugin works seamlessly with most plugins in their standard functionalities, but we’ve added several advanced compatibility options with Point of Sale for WooCommerce (by Actuality Extensions) & WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce (by WPClever) to provide more integration with these plugins.


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