MEC – Advanced Reports Addon


This add-on helps you create a report of all the reservations made by MEC on your website. It is now available with more features in the backend, such as Professional reservation filtering based on date, Events name, Categories, Organizers, and Places. Also, two diagrams are included in this addon in which you can find all the abovementioned. Among other features are the amount of income based on the active payments and some crucial statistics, a sortable list of attendees, and, above all, exporting in CSV, XML, and JSON format.

To install MEC advanced reports addon, Please head over to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and upload, install, and activate the addon.

After the installation, a new sub-menu called ‘advanced reports’ is added to the sub-menus of MEC. Also, the name of the menu ‘reports’ is changed to ‘promote.’Further down, you can see the list of all the attendees. You can click on the up and down icons to change the order.

Advanced Reports Addon
MEC – Advanced Reports Addon 1

By clicking on each of these boxes, you can quickly see the list of attendees and apply different filters such as categorization, places, and organizers.

Advanced Reports Addon
MEC – Advanced Reports Addon 2

By clicking on the ‘back’ button, you get redirected to the main page. By scrolling down on the same page, you can see the attendees, and as you scroll down further, more content gets added infinitely.

Advanced Reports Addon
MEC – Advanced Reports Addon 3
Advanced Reports Addon
MEC – Advanced Reports Addon 4

By clicking on the  export 1 - Advanced Reports Addon   icon, you can make the export formats appear. You can export in CSV, XML, or JSON. You have to choose which reservations.

IIn two diagrams, you can see the circle on the right based on the payment type. On the left, you can see a linear diagram that shows the daily amount of sales, and you can filter this one based on the organizer, categorization, or event places.

Advanced Reports Addon
MEC – Advanced Reports Addon 5

In the attendee list, there are numbers you can see in the following:

  1. The edit link in the booking menu
  2. The invoice download link
  3. The front-end event link
  4. The current status of the reservation includes Verified, Confirmed, Waiting, Canceled, Rejected, and Pending.
Advanced Reports Addon
MEC – Advanced Reports Addon 6

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