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Create any community imaginable in WordPress with the MemberPress BuddyPress integration. Member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, more.

Our BuddyPress integration connects each member’s account page with their BuddyPress profile page. It also allows you to automatically add/remove users from BuddyPress Groups based on their subscription status.

BuddyPress’ uber-flexible interface helps you create any kind of community or forum website you can dream up using WordPress. Features include member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and a whole lot more.

Communities and forums connect members, and connected members stick around. Make it happen with our BuddyPress integration.

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ARTICLE >> How to Create a Fansite (Like a Patreon Membership) with MemberPress

1.1.17 – 04/21/2023
* Add the protection of other profile pages
1.1.16 – 06/28/2022
* Added filter hooks to subnav menu items
1.1.15 – 06/07/2022
* Added missing Courses tab to Account page
1.1.14 – 06/03/2022
* Added missing Gift tabs on Account page
1.1.12 – 04/07/2022
* Added members’ profile protection for BuddyBoss and BuddyPress
* Added tooltips to BuddyPress options
1.1.11 – 08/12/2021
* Added two-factor integration support
1.1.10 – 01/22/2021
* No longer update WP nickname to match username
1.1.9 – 01/05/2021
* Fix error when MemberPress is not activated
1.1.8 – 10/08/2020
* Fix BuddyPress Fatal Error
1.1.7 – 08/12/2020
* Join groups the user isn’t already a member of
* Sync groups instead of separate add/remove
* Fix ‘Header overflow’ error on some servers
* Fix users not being added to groups
1.1.6 – 07/28/2020
* Add compatibility for BuddyBoss Invites

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