MemberPress Corporate Accounts


Grow your member base – and revenue – exponentially w/ Corporate Accounts. Sell memberships to any group where 1 member pays for several others.

Sell memberships to corporate organizations, families, churches, or any group of people where one member pays for a collection of people to access your content individually. The MemberPress Corporate Accounts add-on does it all!

When a member signs up for a MemberPress Corporate Account Membership, they’re able to add sub-account members who gain access to content based on their own subscription level.

The Corporate Accounts add-on is a powerful way to grow your membership base – and your revenue – exponentially.

Get the MemberPress Corporate Accounts Add-on

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1.5.32 – 06/02/2023
* Block adding sub-accounts on Manage Sub Accounts page for pending subs
1.5.31 – 04/27/2023
* Add subaccounts_url email parameter
* Update member data when removing sub account
* Fix transaction not found error on ReadyLaunch thank you page on sub-account signup
1.5.30 – 01/20/2023
* Fix mpca_remove_sub_account hook to avoid undefined var error.
* Fix for Stripe Checkout and Single Page Checkout not creating corporate accounts correctly.
1.5.29 – 12/20/2022
* Create a corporate account if the fallback membership has Corporate Accounts enabled.
* Added mpca_remove_sub_account action hook for integration purposes.
* Fix hide non-corporate account subscriptions to check both the product and the subscription.
1.5.28 – 11/30/2022
* Hide non-corporate account subscriptions from the “Corporate Accounts” section on the Admin User Edit screen.
1.5.27 – 10/19/2022
* Fix how corporate accounts are located in the database
1.5.26 – 10/17/2022
* Fix creation of corporate accounts when using Stripe Checkout
1.5.25 – 09/27/2022
* Allow text and drop-down custom fields to be added to sub-accounts form using the mepr-user-signup-fields action hook.
* Fix subscription duplication for corporate accounts
1.5.24 – 06/30/2022
* Add Last Login and Logins column to Sub-Accounts table
1.5.23 – 06/03/2022
* Fix error when MP BuddyPress is installed but BuddyPress is missing
* Fix 1-day grace period option
1.5.22 – 04/07/2022
* Change Members columns labels to Corp Type and Corp Role
1.5.21 – 03/17/2022
* Add a new hook mpca-sub-accounts-links to add links
* Fix pagination issue in manage sub-accounts section in BuddyBoss
1.5.20 – 02/18/2022
* Add autoresponder support
* Add a hook when adding a sub account
* Fix extract notices when using form without manage_sub_accounts_form in request body
* Ensure that email is required when creating sub account
1.5.19 – 07/22/2021
* Add action hook to bottom of manage corporate account form (front-end)
1.5.18 – 02/10/2021
* Templates can now be overridden
1.5.17 – 01/05/2021
* Fix issue with subscriptions not being listed for parent users
1.5.16 – 01/05/2021
* Add parent info to CSV exports
1.5.15 – 10/21/2020
* Replace error_log calls with MeprUtils
1.5.14 – 10/07/2020
* Add ‘mpca-find-by-uui’ hook
1.5.12 – 09/10/2020
* Prevent xss attack

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