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Upload files to your site, allow users to download files, and track your total downloads with the MemberPress Downloads Add-on.

MemberPress Downloads allows you to provide downloadable files for your members. Use the add-on to upload files to your membership site and get a downloadable link. Then track the number of times members download your files while protecting them using MemberPress Rules.

MemberPress Downloads works on almost every web host and most webserver configurations, so there’s no need to run a specific web server or add custom .htaccess rules. If you can upload files to WordPress, you can use MemberPress Downloads. The add-on also creates a unique URL for each uploaded file, enabling protection and tracking.

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1.2.14 – 01/16/2024
* Add template for single file shortcode
* Add REST API endpoint to retrieve downloads
1.2.12 – 12/08/2023
* PHP 8+ fixes
* Refactored Block settings, now in sidebar
1.2.11 – 11/14/2023
* WP 6.4 Compatibility
1.2.10 – 07/19/2023
* New orderby and order attributes in [mpdl-file-links] shortcode to sort displayed files
1.2.9 – 01/26/2023
* Fix for unclosed output buffers prior to streaming file
1.2.8 – 10/18/2022
* Update .pot file
1.2.7 – 10/18/2022
* Fix creating a new record when SQL mode NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO is set
1.2.6 – 09/27/2022
*Additional Security Fixes
1.2.5 – 06/30/2022
*Fixed vulnerability with file uploads
1.2.4 – 04/07/2022
*Added new Limit Downloads feature
*Fixed sorting of downloads
1.2.3 – 03/17/2022
*Fix for download count
1.2.2 – 03/16/2022
*PHP 8.1 Compatibility Update
1.2.1 – 02/18/2022
*Fixed Error Messages
1.2.0 – 01/13/2022
*Added option to force viewing of files instead of downloading for certain file types.

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