Memberpress Gifting Addon


Allow customers to purchase gift memberships to your site or online course that they can give to friends and family. Sell more memberships with a whole new marketing angle, reach an entirely new audience, and build your email list in the process.

Features include automatic gift notification emails, gift membership expiration reminders to help retain new members, and gift-giver accounts where the person who purchased the gift can copy the gift link, resend the gift email, and even find out whether it has been redeemed.

ARTICLE >> Introducing MemberPress Gifting

1.1.24 – 09/19/2023
* Stop overriding gift product on Account page
1.1.23 – 08/03/2023
* Set gift to one-time payment during checkout state update
1.1.22 – 07/19/2023
* Fix recurring gifts creating Stripe subscription
1.1.21 – 06/15/2023
* Disable changing user role for gift recipients
1.1.20 – 04/25/2023
* Fix fatal error on PHP 5.6
1.1.19 – 03/07/2023
* Fix from name and from email in gift reminder
*Fix gifting test reminder wording
*Update processing transactions
1.1.18 – 11/14/2022
* Fix first payment coupons not working with gifts on single page checkout
* Fix incorrect MailChimp tags when buying gift product
1.1.17 – 10/18/2022
* Fix creating a new record when SQL mode NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO is set
1.1.16 – 03/17/2022
* Update for PHP 8.1
* Allow admin to signup with coupon code
1.1.15 – 02/18/2022
* Hide gift checkbox when using gift coupon
* Remove the message when CPT cannot be found
1.1.14 – 12/22/2021
* Deactivate giftee transaction if gifter transaction is refunded
* Fix update showing in dashboard when at latest version already
* Fix incorrect transactions being pulled in get_next_expiring_gift_txn
* Fix sub expires reminders not being disabled for gift transactions
* Fix fatal error with core sub expires reminder

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