Meow Database Cleaner Pro


Clean your database for real, whatever its size is, while focusing on what can make it faster.

Database Cleaner, rich in features and adept at managing substantial databases, is the culmination of extensive experience from related plugins and compatibility with the latest WP and PHP versions. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation and precision adjustments a breeze. For extensive tasks, Database Cleaner employs asynchronous requests for gradual, stable processing, reducing errors and timeouts. Discover more at Database Cleaner.

IMPORTANT: Remember to always back up your data before using this or any plugin! While it performs reliably, it’s always best to play it safe. Better safe than sorry! 🙂


  • Dual Mode Functionality: Choose between Easy mode for beginners or Expert mode for advanced users, catering to different skill levels.
  • **Auto Clean Feature: With a simple click, select items for automatic cleaning. The plugin efficiently takes care of the rest, saving you time and effort.
  • Intelligent Data Analysis: Database Cleaner uniquely identifies how your data is utilized by different plugins or themes, with enhanced support for this feature in the Pro Version.
  • Comprehensive Statistics: Keep track of your database’s size with detailed statistics and historical data, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Data Browsing Capability: Delve into your database to gain a deeper understanding and effectively categorize your data, making management simpler.
  • Efficient Handling of Large Databases: Tackles oversized databases with ease, using asynchronous requests that are sized just right to ensure smooth processing.
  • Evolutionary User Interface: Enjoy a solidly built, user-friendly UI that’s designed to evolve and adapt over time, staying current with user needs and technological advances.

Additionally, Database Cleaner provides specialized tools for in-depth analysis and monitoring of how your data is utilized across different areas: Post TypesTablesOptions, and Cron Jobs.


While other database cleaners are available, my experience with them revealed areas for improvement, like outdated UIs, incomplete features, and limited data analysis capabilities. Most notably, they struggled with large databases. Motivated by these challenges, I developed my own solution. Now, I’m dedicated to refining it to suit all types of WordPress and databases, aiming to make it the best for everyone.

I’m open to feedback and would be thrilled to discuss how Database Cleaner can better meet your needs. Let’s chat and enhance this tool together!


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