Neve Pro Agency Addon


Neve is a super fast, multipurpose WordPress theme. It works great with all page builders and it’s perfect for blogs, small business, startups, you name it.

heme Features to Build Impressive Websites for Yourself or Clients

Blog layouts PRO

Completely customize the layout of your blog with intuitive layout presets and flexible controls.

Give a huge boost to your entire blogging experience with features specially designed for increased user experience.

Neve Pro Agency Addon
Neve Pro Agency Addon 5

Header and Footer Builder PRO

Take the header builder to a new level with new awesome components, sticky and transparent menu, and many more:

  • Multiple HTML header components
  • 20+ Components including Cart and Socials
  • Advanced styling options
  • Mobile headers and much more
  • Page header builder

Neve Pro Agency Addon

Elementor Booster PRO

The Elementor Booster module brings to the table seven new premium widgets, content protection, animations and much more, to help you build an interactive page in no time. This modules brings a multiple widgets and features for Elementor as:

  • Flip Card
  • Review Box
  • Typed Headline
  • Progress Circle
  • Content Switcher
  • Content Protection
  • Particles and Animations
Neve Pro Agency Addon
Neve Pro Agency Addon 6

Content Restriction Module PRO

Take control of your content accessibility and decide who gets to access your pages, posts, and more. Create exclusive member-only areas, protect sensitive information, and deliver personalized content to specific users.

Neve Pro Agency Addon

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