NextMove WooCommerce Thank You Page


Use NextMove to create custom WooCommerce Thank You pages and in return increase repeat sales and social media visibility.

Show Product Recommendations To Encourage Them To Buy More

Your buyers are more likely to respond positively to product recommendations than browsers.

Display ‘recently viewed’ and ‘custom’ items in recommendations.  Recommendations encourage buyers to revisit & re-consider the items they like. You can also add custom items, those you think they’ll like.

WooCommerce Countdown Timer
WooCommerce Countdown Timer

Offer A Discount Coupon Code In Return For A Social Share/Like

People are lazy. They love to procrastinate. Ask them to share and they’ll pass up. But not when you offer a bait!

Reward buyers with a personalized and time-bound coupon code upon social sharing so that your brand spread to their friends.

Unlock A Personalized Time-Bound Coupon Code

While browsing your site, your buyers may have come across items they liked but didn’t buy. Personalized coupon code on Thank You Pages re-kindles their desire to buy again.

NextMove turns their name/email/phone number into a coupon code. Set an expiry time to ensure they redeem it & don’t sleep on it.

WooCommerce Countdown Timer
WooCommerce Countdown Timer

Make A Personal Connection Through A Video

Videos are tools of persuasion. They can transform the relationship you share with your customers. And help you build a brand your buyers love and ditch competition for!

Deliver a warm thank you message through a video from your warehouse & build goodwill. Starting today.

Build Your Fans/Followers While You Sleep

A healthy social presence is the key to a thriving online business.

NextMove encourages buyers to follow you so that you can increase their lifetime value by staying in touch on social.

WooCommerce Countdown Timer
WooCommerce Countdown Timer

Seize More Sales With Upsell & Cross Sell Recommendations

Show your buyers what else they can buy from your store on the Thank You Page.

They’re still in buying momentum. Direct them to the relevant products based on their recent purchase. These real-time recommendations go a long way in getting you repeat orders.

Get Buyers To Spread The Word About You

If someone just bought from you, it means they felt safe in your store. They’ll be happy to let their friends know about you.

All you’ve to do is persuade them with the right message to share! NextMove places social shares front and center so that they spread the word to their friends!


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