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WordPress user registration & login forms. Profile management formsManage access to form submissions. WordPress user management made simple!

Looking for a WordPress user registration plugin that’s light-weight but fully customizable? Don’t want to weigh down your website with a massive (and expensive) membership plugin? This is the WordPress user management tool for you! Easily create WordPress user registration forms and much more.

User Management for Ninja Forms offers fully customizable form templates for:

  • WordPress registration forms
  • user login forms
  • updating user profiles

That’s not all! You can now edit WordPress user roles to help you manage your WordPress form submissions. Want your editors to be able to edit form submissions as well as posts and pages? Contributors to be able to view past form submissions? Even assign different levels of access to different user roles from a simple control panel in Ninja Forms!

Easily register & manage new users

Ready-to-use WordPress user registration forms

Registering new user by hand is a chore, and many WordPress membership plugins are built for “power users”. User Management offers a simple to use and easy to customize WordPress registration form template.

With the press of a button, you can create a registration form with everything you need to fully register a new user:

wordpress user management user registration form opened in the ninja forms builder

This form is ready to place anywhere on your website right out of the box! Password confirmation is even included by default. Newly registered users can automatically be assigned a user role of your choice. Custom user roles are supported.

As an added bonus, with your new form you can:

  • control email notifications to yourself & your newly registered user
  • Display custom messages for your new users
  • Redirect new users to any page once registration is complete

User login forms that fit anywhere (even as a widget!)

Create a login form with the press of a button. Place it anywhere. There’s really no more work than that.

User Management comes with a user login form template that’s ready to use out of the box. Place in on any page of your site, or even add it as a widget.

Users forgetting their password won’t be a hassle. It’s really easy to add a lost password link to your form that will trigger an email out to the user with reset instructions.

Let registered users update their user profiles

Forget the hassle of manually changing a user’s email, password, or any other profile info for them. User Management includes a ready to use Update Profile form template!

The Update Profile form can be placed anywhere, and will be available to logged-in users only.

Any time profile information needs an update, the user can submit the form to change it themselves. Without pestering you. WordPress user management doesn’t get easier than automatic!

Allow others to view and edit WordPress form submissions

Looking for a way to allow users to edit WordPress form submissions in the WordPress dashboard?

Normally form submissions are restricted to the Administrator user roles only. That can be a pain if you need others to be able to see past submissions. Or if you need a hand managing incoming submissions.

You can now allow other user roles to view, or view & edit, form submissions. All from an easy to use control panel:user access control panel in ninja forms with selectors that allow user roles permission to view and or edit form submissions

Make WordPress user management easy!

Never worry about manually fidgeting with WordPress user registration or profiles again. Don’t break the bank with massive membership tools. Stop managing form submissions by yourself. If you’re looking for a set-and-forget pipeline to add and manage new users, this is it. Get User Management for Ninja Forms today!

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