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Unlimited Popping Sidebars and Widgets for WordPress

Create popping custom responsive layouts with sidebars and widgets in just a few clicks. Choose from variety of overlays, positioning, page visibility, active period, open/close events, custom styling, custom sidebars and much more.

  • 3 types of Overlay – Full Bar (push and over site content), Side Box (push and over site content), Popup/Lightbox
  • Positioning – Header, Footer, Left, Right, Popup
  • Custom Responsive Layouts in your Overlay
  • Create Unlimited Custom Sidebars
  • Any Sidebar and Widget in your Overlay
  • Visibility for any set of pages, page templates, posts , categories, tags, archives, custom post types, taxonomies, user roles, WPML languages, WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress
  • Set Multiple Activation Periods
  • Set Open/Close events
  • Custom Styling via an interface in the back-end
  • Easy and Intuitive administration that fits WordPress core design
  • Support and Updates

How It Works

  • Create Sidebars – as many as you need
  • Set up Your Overlay – choose type, positioning, page visibility, active period, open/close events, styling, etc.
  • Create Layout and Insert Sidebars – just a few clicks with the OTW Grid Manager

3 Types of Overlay

  • Full Bars – Header, Footer, Left or Right Positioning, Push or Over site content, Fixed or Scrolling with the Page, Slide or Fade Animation
  • Side Boxes – Header, Footer, Left or Right Positioning, Fixed or Scrolling with the Page, Slide or Fade Animation
  • Popups / Lightboxes – 7 animations, Overlay and Popup Styling

Open & Close Events

All types of overlays can be activated for different type of Open and Close Event.

  • Open Events – on page load, on page load with delay, after a number of page views, after a number of seconds spent on the site, on exit intent, WooCommerce abandoners, scroll/click to an id or class or % of the page, trigger from a link, button or WordPress menu
  • Close Event – close until next page load, show/hide button (custom labels, HTML and icons, show button horizontal or vertical text alignment) , close for number of page loads, close for number of days, No close button, Close on scroll to a css id or class

Multiple Activation Periods

Set up as many activation periods as you need. The overlay will be visible on your site for the periods you create. Setup start and end dates, days of the week, hours of the day.

Visibility Settings

All types of overlays can be set to be visible on any set of pages on your site.

  • Posts and taxonomies – Pages, posts , categories, tags, custom post types, custom taxonomies
  • Templates – Page templates, template hierarchy, taxonomy archives, user roles
  • Plugin support – WPML languages, WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, etc.

Unlimited Custom Styling

Style your overlays however you want.

  • Theme styles – The plugin will follow your theme styling for the main html tags.
  • Styling Interface – Styling via the interface is available for: Shadows, Borders, Rounded Corners, Background color or pattern image, Show/Hide Buttons, Animations, Paddings.
  • Custom CSS – You can further style by doing some custom CSS. Unique and custom classes are available for all overlays.

Unlimited Number of Sidebars

This plugin will allow you to create unlimited number of custom sidebars that you will be able to place in your overlays. Once a sidebar is created it will be available in Appearance -> Widgets section just like any other sidebar. Newly created sidebars can have vertical or horizontal widget alignment.

Vertical and Horizontal widget alignment

  • Vertical – This is the default WordPress widget alignment. The widgets in sidebars (widget areas) with vertical alignment are arranged in a column bellow each other.
  • Horizontal – The widgets in sidebars (widget areas) with horizontal alignment will be arranged in a row next to each other (lined up on the same line). Such widget areas are fluid and very flexible. The widget area width will be equally divided between all widgets in this widget area.

You can read more on Horizontal or vertical widget alignment.

Custom Responsive Layouts

Creating custom responsive layouts in your overlays is just a few clicks job with the OTW Grid Manager. No coding is required. It is all done in a very easy to use drag & drop interface.

Some of the features of OTW Grid Manager:

  • Responsive Layouts
  • Save & Load Templates
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Clone, Resize, Edit, Delete
  • Insert Sidebars


This plugin comes Localization/Internationalization ready. It is following WordPress I18n standards. It can be easily translated or localized in other languages different than English. We have included .po/.mo files.

Interface and Performance optimizations

  • Fits well into the core WordPress design
  • Optimized performance for large WP installations
  • Ajax based operations so you don’t have to wait on pages to refresh

Theme Authors and Developers

Include this item in your themes and give your users tons of functionality. All you need is 1 extended license for each theme you put on the market and permission from the author which you get by writing us.


If you have any suggestions on how to improve this item please let us know! We will seriously consider any suggestion and add it to item’s update list


If you like this item please consider rating it as a way of supporting consistent improvements. Note: If you are rating below 5 stars, please contact us. We’ll try to do our best to assist or fix all your points of criticisms.


Version 2.21 (06.04.2022)

  • Fixed: dynamic shortcode fields
  • Fixed: shortcode dialog button on live preview
  • Updated: Set default version of sanitized requests

Version 2.19 (17.02.2022)

  • Fixed: metrics for content width
  • Fixed: overlay template manage
  • Updated: core components

Version 2.18 (28.10.2021)

  • Updated: lang files update
  • Updated: allow no params
  • Updated: php8 updates
  • Updated: latest wp interface changes
  • Updated: OTW factory
  • Updated: remove jquery libs
  • Updated: use trigger to close html areas
  • Fixed: fix preview
  • Fixed: message format fix
  • Fixed: fix html texts
  • Fixed: small screens fix
  • Fixed: form latest version

Version 2.17 (23.05.2021)

  • Updated: Libraries updated to the latest version: flexislider, colorpicker, datetime picker, select2, footable, animate shadow, countdown, quicksand, nivo-lightbox, owl carousel, waypoints
  • Updated: Translations file
  • Updated: CSS optimizations
  • Updated: post and get sanitizing
  • Updated: option to close the bars by clicking element by id or class
  • Updated: change checked jquery behaivour
  • Updated: remove unused code
  • Updated: strict modes
  • Updated: file systems
  • Fixed: special case for scrolling position of fixed content
  • Fixed: text espapes and refixed libs

Version 2.16 (05.10.2018)

  • Fixed: fix trailing slash
  • Added: content width, max and min option
  • Updated: apply patch for multisite
  • Updated: OTW api plugin update and verify

Version 2.15 (07.12.2017)

  • Updated: latest version of otw factory
  • Fixed: error mode modification

Version 2.14 (23.06.2017)

  • Updated: WordPress 4.8 compatibility
  • Updated: OTW core components
  • Fixed: missing bottom
  • Fixed: magnific popups custom class applied to avoid conflicts
  • Fixed: custom timeout for slower pages
  • Fixed: better scroll

Version 2.13 (17.09.2016)

  • Updated: deprecated functions update
  • Updated: https calls to google fonts

Version 2.12 (19.04.2016)

  • Updated: WordPress 4.5 compatibility
  • Updated: OTW core componets update

Version 2.11 (09.01.2016)

  • Added: custom css area in plugin options

Version 2.9 (11.10.2015)

  • Updated: js shortcodes settings optimization

Version 2.8 (09.10.2015)

  • Fixed: WPML issues fixed
  • Fixed: Correct positioning on scrolling/fixed overlays on scrolled page refresh

Version 2.7 (03.07.2015)

  • Fixed: use component path instead of component url

Version 2.6 (12.06.2015)

  • Fixed: Close event – Number of days
  • Fixed: Close effects for background
  • Updated: Combine js and css libs

Version 2.5 (22.05.2015)

  • Fixed: Exception for missing selector

Version 2.4 (18.05.2015)

  • Added: Full bar & Sidebox – no close option
  • Added: Full bar & Sidebox – close on scroll to css class or id
  • Fixed: Visibility tabs posts pagination

Version 2.3 (20.04.2015)

  • Updated: checkbox group align on short texts
  • Updated: include admin js only when needed
  • Fixed: hide pattern on small screen
  • Added: option to repeat the overlay pattern

Version 2.2 (01.03.2015)

  • Fixed: content scrolling on small screens

Version 2.1 (27.02.2015)

  • Fixed: conflict with content manager light plugin
  • Fixed: fix including internal scripts when adding double slash
  • Fixed: content scrolling on small screens

Version 2.0 (03.12.2014)

  • Added: Duplicate overlays option
  • Added: Icons option for show button label
  • Added: Show button label – Allow HTML
  • Added: Show button vertical text option
  • Added: Hide button custom text label
  • Added: Hide button label icon
  • Added: Hide button label – Allow HTML.
  • Added: Show/Hide button text color options
  • Added: Trigger from a button shortcode option
  • Added: Full Bar and Side Box – push and over site content positioning
  • Added: Full Bar background Pattern Option
  • Added: Light box close event – close on X click, out of the box click or content click
  • Added: Load Event – WooCommerce abandoners – trigger overlay on exit intent if woocommerce cart has items
  • Added: Load Event – After Number of Seconds Spent on the Site
  • Added: Load Event – when the user scrolls down some % of the page content
  • Added: Load Event – when the user scrolls down to a class name or an ID
  • Added: Load Event – when the user clicks a tag having a class name or an ID
  • Added: Option to scroll content for screens smaller than the popup content
  • Updated: Hide for small screens – separate options to show/hide on large and small screens
  • Updated: Stay in edit screen after save
  • Updated: Exit intent to not include the browser’s scroller
  • Updated: Inline guidelines
  • Updated: Create multiple Active Periods with lots of flexible optios
  • Fixed: Small Screens hide overlay content on close issue

Version 1.4 (03.09.2014)

  • Added: Trigger all overlay types from a menu link

Version 1.3 (28.08.2014)

  • Added: .po/.mo language files
  • Added: missing a few text domains

Version 1.2 (26.08.2014)

  • Fixed: sidebar calls

Version 1.1 (25.08.2014)

  • Updated: Powered by link

Version 1.0 (25.08.2014)

  • Initial release

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