Popup Builder Advanced Targeting


Advanced Targeting extension provides you with 8 super targeting options that will help you increase the conversion rates of your website.

Popup Builder Advanced Targeting

Target your visitors by their User status, logged in or logged out, showing specific offers depending on their user status. Advanced Targeting option also allows you to target visitors by User role, showing different popups to subscribers, administrators, etc. You can also target popups by the Devices of your visitors, displaying separate popups for mobile visitors and for desktop visitors accordingly.

Another perfect targeting option is the After X pages feature, allowing you to show your popup offers depending on how many pages the user has visited. Also, you can target visitors by Referral URL. Add a Cookie detection and show the popup depending on the saves cookies, this will work like a charm if you save cookies in multiple actions. What is more, we have a Web browser detection, this is a great tool to target those who have specific browsers and show/hide the popup for them.
Last but not least, we have the OS detection as well, so, you can decide whether to show/not show the popup depending on the OS of the visitor. Go for a better conversion with Advanced Targeting options.

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