Private Sessions for LearnDash LMS


Offer Private, 1 on 1 Coaching and Mentoring to Your Learners · Increase the Value of Your Online Course · Save time and offer more value through appointment.

Offer Private, 1 on 1 Coaching and Mentoring to Your Learners

As a teacher for an online class for a major university, I can attest that students miss the 1on1 interaction obtained in traditional learning environments. LearnDash Private Sessions allows you to offer this personal coaching and mentoring through your online course.

Increase the Value of Your Online Course

Self directed learning is great, but learners are willing to pay more for personalized coaching and direction. With Private Sessions you can command higher prices!

Save time and offer more value through appointment scheduling

Private Sessions directly integrates with Simply Schedule Appointments, the best appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress.

Simply install Simply Schedule Appointments (free or premium) and your students can book appointments with you right through your LearnDash course!

The Functionality You Need

LearnDash Private Sesions was designed based on customer feedback, ensuring it has all the features you need!

Mobile Friendly

Coach your students on the go, inline at the bank or anywhere your mobile device goes.

Upload Files

You and your learners can upload and discuss files, creating new opportunities to expand your content delivery.

Customizable Notifications

Send out customized e-mail notifications when new sessions are started or there is a new response.


Control who can start a new session, who sessions can be started with and where a new session can be started.

New Message Indicator

Your website will have a new messages tab indicating when there is an unread message.

Compatible With Any Theme

Designed to be compatible with any theme! Customize the colors to ensure it fits with your branding.

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