Pro News Ticker & Marquee for WPBakery Page Bilder : Display Post, Custom Post, RSS & WooCommerce


In the fast-paced digital era, capturing the attention of your website visitors is more crucial than ever. A dynamic and visually appealing news ticker and marquee can make a significant impact in grabbing your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged. Introducing the Pro News Ticker & Marquee for WPBakery Page Builder, a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to display posts, custom posts, RSS feeds, and WooCommerce products in an eye-catching and customizable format. In this SEO-optimized article, we will explore the key features of this plugin, understand its benefits, and discover how it can elevate your content display to rank top on search engine results.


Key Features

  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Compatible with last version of wordpress
  • Easy to Use UI
  • RTL Support
  • 3 Ticker Sources : Build query, RSS & manual text sources
  • 3 Ticker Movement : Slide(horizontal & vertical), Marquee(left, right, up and down), Fade effect for ticker movement
  • Vertical Ticker With 5 Item Layouts
  • Ticker Refresh Interval Time: Set a time to refresh ticker for read new data
  • Show Author Post With Filter By Auhtor
  • Quick View For WP Posts
  • Post Sharing Buttons
  • Ticker Filter Box
  • 8 Title Layout
  • 3 Ticker Positions: Current place, fix top & fix bottom
  • Custom Color For All Of Ticker Parts
  • Custom Google Font
  • Show/Hide Elements such as: Ticker Title, Filter Box, Clock Area, Quick View, Share icon, Post Date and..
  • Show All Custom Post Such As Woocommerce

Version 1.3.3 Release Date 12.05.2020

fixed: 'Save Change' button
fixed: Some jQuery issue

Version 1.3.2 Release Date 05.08.2019

fixed: Some CSS issue.
fixed: Some PHP issue.
Compatible: With WPBakery 5.x
Compatible: With WordPress 5.x

Version 1.3 Release Date 07.16.2018

Fixed: Some CSS issue.
Fixed: Link issue on manual ticker.
Fixed: Compatible with PHP 7.2.x and higher.
Update: Bxslider jquery.

Version 1.2 Release Date 09.29.2016

 Fixed : Compatible with PHP 7.1.x
Fixed : Some CSS issues

Version 1.1 Release Date 07.27.2016

Added : Open links in new tab
Fixed : grid.css enqueuer
Fixed : Plugin Front-end Edit
Fixed : Preset Tab CSS Style

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