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Product Recommendations is a state-of-the-art product recommendations platform for WooCommerce that brings together human intelligence and machine learning, with one goal: To help you grow your sales.

Let technology do the heavy lifting for you

Build intelligent engines that generate automated, accurate Frequently Bought Together recommendations, with near-zero waiting or training. Our lightweight search algorithm analyzes your orders to discover meaningful product relationships, and quickly adapts itself to new trends and seasonal patterns.

Deliver captivating, Amazon-style recommendations, without giving up your store's data or revenue to anyone
Deliver captivating, Amazon-style product recommendations, without giving away your store’s data (or revenue) to third-parties.

Add recommendations across your entire catalog, effortlessly

Ever tried to manually add upsells and cross-sells to every product or category page of your store? With Product Recommendations, you can do both in minutes. Create upsells and cross-sells in bulk, instead of entering products one by one. Add category, attribute, tag, or price filters to narrow down products, and use amplifiers to boost specific results based on popularity, rating, creation date, conversion rate, or more advanced criteria.

Looking for a way to recommend products from the currently viewed category, or brand? Want to limit results to products that cost more than the currently viewed product? No problem! Product Recommendations lets you deploy context-aware recommendations, faster.

Create upsells, cross sells and related products in bulk, by category or tag.
Use smart filtersamplifiers and visibility conditions to create recommendation recipes for multiple products and product category pages at once.

Promote the right product, to the right customer, at the right time

Increase your store’s average order value by recommending recently viewed products and products from recently viewed categories on the checkout page, or even after customers complete their orders. Make relevant, well-timed offers by displaying them conditionally, based on your customers’ cart/order contents, browsing history, date, or location.

Recommend products from recently viewed categories.
Offer personalized upsells before or after checkout. Recommend products from categories that customers viewed, and display your recommendations conditionally, based on order or cart contents.

Recommend products anywhere

Deploy recommendations at more than 20 locations on your store’s:

  • Main shop page.
  • Product category or tag pages.
  • Individual product pages.
  • Cart and checkout pages.
  • Thank You (order-received) and order-pay pages.
Boost your customers' confidence and make browsing more fun by recommending best-sellers and top-rated products.
Effortlessly add recommendations to every category page in your catalog.

Make your own rules

Tailor the shopping experience across your entire site to fit your merchandising strategies. Build custom recommendation engines that utilize filters, amplifiers and visibility conditions to match products and customers. Want some inspiration?

  • Use the psychology of social proof to your advantage. Boost your customers’ confidence and make browsing more fun by recommending best selling and top rated products at the top of your store’s product category and tag pages.
  • Inspire customer loyalty: Offer curated Complete the Look recommendations in product pages, or after customers have placed their orders.
  • Incentivize customers to spend more in order to unlock perks, such as free shipping.
  • Encourage impulse purchases by recommending popular products on the checkout page: To optimize conversion, prioritize on-sale and seasonal items.

Need more ideas? Get a head start with these high-performing strategies.

Product Recommendations By WooCommerce

Optimize your strategies with in-depth analytics

Drill down into insightful reports to understand and refine your recommendation strategies. Track and analyze:

  • Gross and Net Revenue.
  • Conversions.

To help you understand what drives conversions, we’ve made every report filterable by date, converted product and location!

Generating Revenue and Conversion reports with WooCommerce Product Recommendations.
Optimize your strategies with detailed Revenue and Conversion analytics.

The best part? Product Recommendations has been carefully designed to work on hosting environments with limited resources, and is built to scale.

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