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PublishPress Planner is the plugin for managing and scheduling WordPress content

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PublishPress Planner has all the tools you need to plan WordPress content, including a Content Calendar, content notifications, editorial comments, and editorial metadata.

PublishPress Planner is ideal for WordPress sites that publish high-quality content. With the Planner plugin, your team can collaborate much more effectively.


The main features of PublishPress Planner

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Content Calendar

Using the Calendar screen, you can see when content is planned, and when it is published. You can create new content from the Calendar. You can also drag-and-drop content to a new publication date.

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Planner Notifications keep you and your team up to date on changes to important content. Planner allows you to control when notifications are sent, who receives them, and what details they contain.

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Content Overview

The Content Overview screen allows you to drill down and see content organized by status, categories, or users. You can click “Print” to get a printable overview of all your planned content.

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Editorial Metadata

Metadata enables you to keep track of important requirements for your content. This feature allows you to create fields and store information about content items.

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Editorial Comments

Planner allows you to leave comments under each post you write. This is a private conversation between writers and editors and allows you to discuss what needs to be changed before publication.

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Reminder Notifications

The Planner Pro feature allows you to send notifications either before or after the publishing date for content.

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Slack Notifications

This Planner Pro feature integrates your notifications with Slack. You can send notifications directly to a Slack channel and even reply without logging into WordPress.

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