Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash


 quiz reporting extension for LearnDash exports quiz results to allow LMS website owners to analyse quiz responses at a quiz.


Stay Well Versed with Quiz Progress and Performance

Easily observe trends in terms of quizzes

Are my learners going through all the quizzes? Unusual high or low completion rates indicate irregularities in quiz activity. With WISDM Reports you can easily track all ways your learners move through the quizzes to benchmark their progress and stay on top of all irregularities to provide help in case they need it.

  • Quiz completion graphs
  • Quiz completion time graph
  • Learner pass-fail rates
  • Average quiz attempts
Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

Go all out with Detailed Quiz Attempt Reports

Understand whether your learners have mastered the course objectives

Analyzing the quiz answers can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your training in-depth and also identify knowledge gaps if any. Using WISDM Reports for LearnDash you can dig deep into quiz attempts and individual quiz scores with data-rich quiz reports.

  • Quiz Attempts Summary with correct/incorrect questions.
  • Customizable Quiz Attempt Reports.
  • A Learner’s All Quiz Attempts Summary.
  • Quiz Attempt Analysis Report.

Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

Build Custom Quiz Reports and Tap into Results

Unlock more quiz insights to analyze and improvise quizzes

To create better quizzes you must analyze the response to your quizzes in-depth. WISDM Reports lets you easily generate custom quiz reports by quickly adding more fields using smart filters. You get better insights into quiz attempts specific to learners, lessons, topics, or quizzes at your fingertips

  • Course-wise Quiz attempt Reports
  • Group-wise Quiz Attempts Reports
  • Quiz-wise Quiz Attempts reports
  • Learner-wise Quiz Attempts Reports
Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

Reporting Dashboard for Admins Instructors and Group Leaders

Give admins, instructors and group leaders access to a personalized reporting dashboard

Let your clients (Teachers, Group Leaders,  Managers, etc.) monitor the progress and performance of their courses and groups on your LMS. The new reports plugin provides LearnDash admins and group leaders with a dedicated dashboard to report on a learner’s course and quiz activity.

  • Personalized dashboards for multiple user roles.
  • Easy to understand and presentable Front-end Reports Dashboards.

Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

Bulk Export and Share

Download and Share Reports
Make use of powerful data by being able to download and share your reports with others quickly

  • Filter and ‘Bulk Export’ quiz attempts for all users to analyze further
  • Export to CSV & Excel

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