RepairPlugin Pro – The Ultimate Booking Plugin For Repair Shops


Turn more visitors into customers with a booking plugin built for repair shops

Engage more visitors with 1900+ ready-to-import models

Boost conversions with an easy guided system

Supercharge sales with supplier-based pricing

Collect appointments with smart timeslots

Increase order value through matching upsales

Create SEO pages with unique shortcodes

Stop losing appointments on outdated information

The majority of your visitors will not make an appointment when your information about repairs is outdated or when you don’t give them the possibility to book an appointment.

If you let them leave, they are lost to you forever.

To increase the number of appointments, all you need is RepairPlugin installed on your WordPress website.

Features that make the difference

One-Click Database

Import as many as 1900+ smartphones, tablets, consoles, watches, and Apple computer.

One-click Repairs

Import more than 50 repairs, divided into 5 categories, translated into 13 languages.

Default Repairs

Change repairs in a specific category in bulk, all at once, like a pro.

Individual Repairs

Change prices, order of appearance and sub repairs with just a few clicks.

Smart Time Slots

Create time slots based on opening hours, special dates and delivery methods.

SEO Shortcodes

Skip multiple steps with a shortcode that leads directly to the desired step.


Freely adjust color, text, and logo to match the vibe of your brand.

Auto Suggest Search

Quick search bar that skips all the necessary steps to go directly to the repair.

Email Quotes

Allow visitors to generate quotes directly to their inbox.

Email Templates

Personalize the appearance , design of every sent email.

Emails on autopilot

Send appointment reminders or post-sale emails using Cronjobs.

Rescheduling Links

Allow customers to reschedule or cancel appointments.

4 Delivery Methods

In-store, pickup, send-in, or repair on-location methods.


Give combo discounts or use discount codes to provide fixed price or percentage discounts.

13+ Languages

All steps, PDF quotes, and emails are translated into 13 languages or create your own.

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