S3 Media Maestro


The Ultimate Amazon S3 Media Management & Delivery Plugin For WordPress

It’s your media. Shouldn’t you have ultimate control of it?

S3 Media Maestro is packed with features to help you managedisplay, and protect your valuable Amazon S3-hosted content…all without ever leaving the WordPress dashboard.

With S3 Media Maestro…

  • Leverage the power of the most Robust Media Delivery Service in the world…Amazon Web Services

  • Ensure that your valuable video or audio is protected from unauthorized sharing or downloads

  • World-class support from one of the leading WordPress plugin developers for a decade

  • Manage all of your s3-hosted media and files right from within your WordPress dashboard

  • flawless media playback experience no matter where your customers are or what language they speak

  • No expensive monthly bills from big-name video hosting brands

    The Perfect Plugin For Anyone Delivering Media Content With WordPress

    Initially, our Amazon S3 WordPress plugin, S3 Media Maestro, was created for our own online courses in order to protect the videos we worked hard to produce. However, S3 Media Maestro is designed for anyone who delivers multimedia content…

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