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“SchedulePress Pro is for anyone who regularly publishes a large amount of content. That makes it a superb option for content writers, editors, and marketers as well as strategists, blog owners, and community managers.”

Automate your content workflow with SchedulePress . Take a quick glance at your content planning with Schedule Calendar, Auto Scheduler, Manual Scheduler & more. Automatically share your posts on following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram (Coming soon)



  • Revamp the entire content writing experience with SchedulePress
  • Automatically share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Schedule hundreds of posts using the editorial calendar
  • Manage multiple authors from one place
  • Query optimization to reduce load time & make faster
  • Send email alerts to authors about blog status
  • Customize social share templates for auto schedule
  • Directly share without notifications or reminders
  • Auto publish missed schedule posts [PRO]
  • Automatically share on selected dates regularly [PRO]
  • Auto share blogs on multi social profiles [PRO]
  • [New] Full Scheduling feature in Elementor

You will be on vacation from next Saturday but want your website to stay active as your regular day? Yes, you can schedule posts in advance for those days and SchedulePress brings you the editorial calendar with it to lets you see when your posts have been scheduled.

From one place, you can easily get an overview of your blog posts and when each post will be published. Not just that, it allows you to drag and drop to edit and move posts right from the editorial calendar.


◾ Schedule Calendar: Manage your content with a great visual calendar. You can add posts in the queue, and SchedulePress will publish them on your desired days and hours. You can move the scheduled post on a different date right from the schedule calendar.

◾ Dashboard Widget: Check your scheduled & draft post right from the dashboard as SchedulePress will enable a widget in your WordPress dashboard. Either you are running a multi-author blog or a single author blog, seeing all your posts status from dashboard could be super convenient.

◾ Drag & Drop Feature: While organizing your scheduled content, you can quickly organize content using easy-to-use drag & drop feature.

◾ Save Times On Content Creation: If you want to create a new post or add a photo to be published on a specific time period, you don’t need to go back on your dashboard and click on Post to Add New Post. You can create a new post right from the SchedulePress Content Calendar.

◾ Manage Multiple Author Efficiently: Managing multiple authors for a blog is never an easy task. But you can make the process easier using our schedule calendar and manage co-authors from one place.

◾ Get Full Control Over Scheduling Posts: Configure specific post types, categories, and allow users who can maintain your WordPress blog schedules. It can be only the administrator, editor, author, or more.

◾ Notify WordPress Users With Email: Send email alerts to authors or users when a post is published, trashed, or has been scheduled. It will let our users be aware of the status of their current blog posts.

◾ Auto Share Posts On Multi Social Profiles: Easily schedule, auto-share, or do instant share your blog posts from WordPress dashboard to multiple social media platforms like Facebook page & group, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn profiles.

◾ Configure Auto Social Share Templates: Personalize your WordPress blog with preferred social media templates by configuring all exclusive features by SchedulePress. Each social share channel template comes with specific and unique features.

🌟 Seamless Compatibility With Elementor Website Builder

SchedulePress is fully compatible with Elementor. You can manage your WordPress posts scheduling from Elementor editor. Check out what you can do more with this SchedulePress & Elementor powerful integration:

  • Schedule WordPress content directly from Elementor editor panel.
  • Unpublish posts that no longer need to be live on your website.
  • Republish published posts easily from your Elementor editor panel.
  • Modular control panel to enable or disable scheduling from Elementor.

🌟 More Features With SchedulePress [PRO]

Along with all features of the free version and SchedulePress Pro has some additional features including:

◾ Auto Scheduler: Get absolute control over your content schedule as you can create rules to post content automatically. You just need to specify the time interval in which you want to have your posts scheduled and this plugin will publish it on the definite time interval. You can also set an exact date and time to create a flexible schedule.

◾ Missed Schedule Handler: As a content creator, you might have faced that WordPress might miss the schedule of a post and it could happen for a various reason. However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as SchedulePress will take care of missed schedules and to publish the post automatically.

◾ Manual Scheduler: If you want to schedule your WordPress blog posts at an exact time avoiding the random schedule. You can configure this in a manual process setting up your preferred time & date. It will publish your posts at that particular time.

◾ Premium Support: Get faster support with a pro license. We have extra-ordinary support team ready to help you. Ask your questions in the support forum, or contact us directly through live chat and support tickets.

SchedulePress has been featured by renowned WordPress Publications:

SchedulePress has been loved by lots of users, bloggers and content marketers.

  • 🌟 MH Themes
    “The SchedulePress plugin further enhances WordPress core functionality of scheduling posts. The plugin adds a customizable dashboard widget that will display a list of all upcoming scheduled posts and allows you to customize other post scheduling elements with ease.”
  • 🌟 WP City
    “SchedulePress Pro is for anyone who regularly publishes a large amount of content. That makes it a superb option for content writers, editors, and marketers as well as strategists, blog owners, and community managers.”
  • 🌟 WP Optimus
    “SchedulePress is specially useful for multi-author blogs. Even it’s useful for single author blog who use the built-in Schedule function of WordPress.”
  • 🌟 WP Glossy
    “SchedulePress is the best extension when it comes to scheduling WordPress posts for the site that has several admins and authors.”

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