ShopMagic for WooCommerce Memberships


Increase your revenue by sending emails based on your Memberships events

Everything you need to grow and manage your WooCommerce members lifecycle:

  • Welcome new members and create raving fans
  • Keep your customers informed about membership status changes
  • Send reminders about membership ending soon and increase renewals
  • Win back customers who cancel their membership
  • Send mass email campaigns to your members (with Manual Actions add-on)

Segment your customers with convenient filters based on:

  • Custom Fields
  • Membership Date Started
  • Membership Date Expires
  • Membership Plan
  • Membership Status
  • Customer Active Membership Count

Personalize your email content with ready-to-use dynamic placeholders:

  • membership.plan_id
  • membership.plan_name
  • membership.status
  • membership.started_date
  • membership.expires_date
  • membership.renewal_url
  • membership.meta

Save time on manual membership operations and set automated actions:

  • Create Membership for Customer
  • Change Membership Plan
  • Change Membership Status
  • Delete Membership

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