Snax – Viral Content Builder


Snax lets site visitors (frontend) and editors (backend) create quizzes, polls, lists, memes and other viral content.

Snax - Polls

If you are interested in Snax, please check also our Bimber theme which has Snax included, for free.

Frontend interface

  • Let users create posts themselves
  • Dead-simple front-end uploader
  • Users can log in/register using most popular social networks
  • Users can upvote or downvote every submitted content
  • Integrated pagination
  • Integrated social sharing buttons
  • Integration with WP QUADS plugin for custom ad locations
  • Custom widget for displaying recently updated lists

Backend iterface

  • Create posts using backend interface
  • Role based access (by default for admins and editors)
  • Create quizzes
  • Create polls
  • Convert standard posts into lists

Post formats

  • Story (with WYSIWYG editor)
  • Meme (with Meme Generator)
  • Trivia quiz
  • Personality quiz
  • Poll
  • Versus
  • Hot or Not
  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Embedded content from social media sites – YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Twitter statuses, etc. Everything you can embed in WordPress will work. With integration Snax supports over 400 social media channels.
  • Open List
  • Ranked List
  • Regular List
  • Any format can be disabled
  • Formats order can be changed


  • Types:
    • Trivia
    • Personality
  • Create on frontend and backend
  • Reveal correct/wrong answers:
    • at the end of the quiz
    • right after user answers a question
  • Define questions per page
  • Shuffle questions
  • Shuffle answers
  • Show “Start Quiz” button
  • Show “Play again” button
  • Allow users to share results
  • Share to unlock (user has to share first to see results)


  • Types:
    • Classic
    • Versus
    • Hot or Not
  • Create on frontend and backend
  • Reveal results:
    • at the end of the poll
    • right after user answers a question
  • Define questions per page
  • Shuffle questions
  • Shuffle answers
  • Allow users to share results
  • Share to unlock (user has to share first to see results)


  • List types:
    • Open: anyone can submit new list items and vote up for the best submission
    • Ranked: anyone can vote up for the best submission
    • Regular
  • List item types: image, video, audio, text or embed
  • Disable any item type
  • Show list status in post title
  • Show items count in post title
  • Allow rich editor for items
  • Allow commenting single list item
  • Allow voting on single list item
  • Allow voting on entire list


  • Embed content from most popular sites like YouTube, Instagram or Facebook
  • integration. gives you access to more than 400 services.
    Free plan does not require any API key – just enable and enjoy!

Administration & Moderation

  • Role/capabilities access
  • Each submission requires your approval before publishing
  • Skip verification step for trusted users

Custom Widgets

  • Lists (display Recently added, Open for submission etc)
  • Call To Action (encourage users to create new posts: meme, story etc)
  • Teaser (encourage users to take an actions: fill poll, quiz etc)

Frontend submission full control

  • Force user to choose at least one post category
  • Allow users to choose many categories
  • Define categories to be chosen by a user
  • Auto assign post to category during submission
  • Define how many tags user can add
  • Force users to upload post featured image
  • Hide featured image on single post page


  • Force users to agree with your “Terms and Conditions” policy
  • Allow users to report an abuse


  • Allow adding referral links to posts
  • Allow adding referral links to list items


  • You can disable entire voting system at one click
  • Allow guest users (not logged in) to vote
  • Defined post type user can vote on


  • Image upload:
    • Disable image upload
    • Define maximum image size
    • Define allowed image types (jpg, jpeg, png, gif)
  • Audio upload:
    • Disable audio upload
    • Define maximum audio size
    • Define allowed audio types (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav)
  • Video upload:
    • Disable video upload
    • Define maximum video size
    • Define allowed video types (mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi, mpg, ogg, 3gp, 3g2)
  • List items per page
  • User posts submitted per day
  • User items added to a new list/galley
  • User items added to an existing list
  • Maximum number of tags user can assign to a post during new submission
  • Posts:
    • Title length
    • Description length
    • Content length
  • Items:
    • Title length
    • Description length
    • Source length
    • Referral link length

Demo mode

The demo mode is the fastest way to start playing with frontend submission. Thanks to it, you don’t need to upload new images/embeds all the time you want to test submission process.

Facebook Instant Articles support

AMP support

Login/Register with Facebook, Google+ and other social networks

  • Powered by WordPress Social Login plugin (free)
  • 20+ networks to choose from: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Vkontakte, etc
  • Custom styling
  • You can even disable WordPress login form and use only the social login option

User Profiles

  • Powered by BuddyPress plugin (free)
  • Custom profile sections for submitted posts, open list submissions and votes
  • Custom notifications:
    • New post has been approved or rejected
    • New open list submission has been approved or rejected
    • New open list submission has been added
    • A post has been upvoted or downvoted
    • An open list submission has been upvoted or downvoted
  • Custom activities similar to notifications

Special Features

  • Disable admin bar for non-administrators
  • Disable WP Dashboard access for non-administrators
  • Disable WordPress login form
  • Enable login popup
  • Protect login form with reCaptcha
  • Send mail to admin when new post/item was added

Well Thought Features

  • 100% responsive design and retina ready
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Translation ready
  • Full RTL support (right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew)

Works with every well-coded theme

  • Developed to work smoothly with as many themes as possible
  • Tested with multiple free and premium themes


  • Developed with WordPress coding standards and best practices in mind
  • Easy to extend
  • Nearly 200 custom filters and actions
  • Easy to customize
  • Template parts can be overridden by themes

Really Premium Product

  • Created by ThemeForest Elite Author
  • 5-star support
  • Automatic, free theme updates
  • Always up to date online documentation

Need support?

Support for all our products is conducted through our support forum , where you can submit your product related questions, bug-findings, etc.


The photos used in our live preview are not a part of the plugin. All photos can be purchased from

Latest Updates

VERSION 1.71 – 10 April 2020, major update

# NEW - Poll: View question results button added
# NEW - Poll: Option to allow/disallow multiple voting (for a single poll)
# NEW - Poll: Option to allow/disallow guests voting (for a single poll)
# NEW - Poll: Option to show/hide results (for a single poll)
# NEW - Poll: Show "Take a poll" CTA button when a poll is auto loaded
# NEW - Poll: "Duplicate" poll action added (available from WP Admin > Polls list)
# NEW - Poll: Fake views metabox added (for a single poll)
# NEW - Overview Dashboard Widget

# Improved - social avatar used as default BuddyPress profile photo
# Improved - prevent caching (HTTP cache) of frontend submission pages
# Improved - Poll: "Settings" link added under WP Admin > Polls
# Improved - Login/Register button on a poll/quiz integrated with login popup

# Fixed - Facebook share result for Personality quiz
# Fixed - Twitter share result encoding
# Fixed - Link format wrong encoding
# Fixed - comments off after adding updating a list/gallery
# Fixed - collection broken endpoints
# Fixed - missing translation for popup Close button
# Fixed - empty total number of questions on quiz results page
# Fixed - Poll: share buttons don't work with Facebook widget on the same page
# Fixed - Poll: Settings tab misplaced on RTL
# Fixed - Poll: related post types are not removed when poll removed
# Fixed - inaccurate list items counter (no items, items counted twice)
# Fixed - missing translations
# Fixed - Format archive empty when WooCommerce is active
# Fixed - Report link for List Item always visible
# Fixed - Link format views counting broken

VERSION 1.53 – 5 December 2019, major update

# NEW - Snax Plugin: External Product format
# NEW - Snax Plugin: social login integration for bbPress login form
# NEW - Snax: Allow users to change quiz answer
# NEW - Snax Plugin: added progress bar for all quiz types
# NEW - Snax Plugin: added progress bar for all poll types
# NEW - Snax Plugin: added animated GIFs support quiz questions
# NEW - Snax Plugin: added animated GIFs support poll questions
# NEW - Snax Plugin: History collection is now listed in the BuddyPress Member Profile > Collections > Private tab
# NEW - Snax Plugin: Favorites Collection is now listed in the BuddyPress Member Profile > Collections > Private tab
# NEW - Snax Plugin: Read Later collection is now listed in the BuddyPress Member Profile > Collections > Private tab
# NEW - Snax Plugin: redesigned "empty state" in the BuddyPress Member Profile > Collections tab
# NEW - Snax Plugin: redesigned "empty state" in the BuddyPress Member Profile > Votes tab
# NEW - Snax Plugin: redesigned "empty state" in the Latest Votes widget

# Improved - Snax: better empty states in the BuddyPress Member Profile > Collections tab
# Improved - Snax: URL var in Permalinks allows to change "snax_" in URL for all Snax components
# Improved - Snax: redirect to first question if quiz started on wrong page
# Improved - Snax Link Format: URL is visible during edition

# Fixed - Snax: Link format missing button
# Fixed - Snax: External Product format URL not set
# Fixed - Snax Plugin: Disable notification after voting on own posts
# Fixed - Snax Plugin: open post comments, if enabled in Discussion settings, after post publication
# Fixed - Snax Plugin: remove #_=_ from URL when Facebook successfully authenticates a user
# Fixed - Snax Plugin: missing featured image after upload (Poll/Quiz format)
# Fixed - Snax Plugin: category whitelist doesn't work
# Fixed - Snax: Next question button inactive after changing answer
# Fixed - Snax: missing icons on frontend uploader
# Fixed - Snax: Audio/Video embed can't be added to an existing list

VERSION 1.48 – 8 October 2019, major update

# NEW - Social Login
# NEW - Edit/Delete formats
# NEW - Option to change voting icons (6 sets available)
# NEW - Option to define video adding methods (upload, embed)
# NEW - Full Polish translation

# Improved - Prevent double clicking on submit buttons in the frontend submission form
# Improved - Edit post link added on posts list (backend)
# Improved - HTMl is now allowed for the Overview field, for all formats
# Improved - snax_login_redirect_url filter
# Improved - Added font-display for better font loading
# Improved - reCaptcha v3 support
# Improved - Show all user posts in profile (added via backend and frontend)
# Improved - Don't display poll question counter if only one question is available

# Fixed - WP Login Form can't be disabled
# Fixed - Polls/Quizzes category whitelist is ignored
# Fixed - Twitter share title wrong encoding
# Fixed - voting box visible on unapproved posts
# Fixed - Latest Votes widget is missing vote icons
# Fixed - Submit for Review button active during submission
# Fixed - Waiting Room available even the option disabled in settings
# Fixed - add item to list from URL doesn't work
# Fixed - reply on comment doesn't work on a single Item page
# Fixed - missing menu on snax collection archive
# Fixed - items are not visible on AMP
# Fixed - post featured image downloaded twice
# Fixed - entry actions (Report, Add to collection) missing on some formats
# Fixed - Frontend Submission glitches in Dark Mode
# Fixed - upload feedback misaligned on RTL
# Fixed - wrong submission counter
# Fixed - posts filtering in profile doesn't work
# Fixed - Froala editor is not loaded for list items, even the related option is on
# Fixed - when you remove the auto featured image, you remove origin image from snax item
# Fixed - pending posts are accessible by unauthorized users
# Fixed - Collections design (App Style)
# Fixed - dark mode glitches in Froala editor
# Fixed - item action icons misaligned
# Fixed - wrong collection urls
# Fixed - link url in share description
# Fixed - Collection Items sorting order is wrong
# Fixed - ad between items has got no proper bottom margin
# Fixed - "open in new tab" editor option is not visible
# Fixed - Poll RTL glitches
# Fixed - button is not visible on smaller screens
# Fixed - Open List Submission Form misaligned on mobiles
# Fixed - Item Comments Form glitches: CSS fixes
# Fixed - collections archive list all collection posts
# Fixed - submission notes are too wide in the boxed layout
# Fixed - wrong logic on a single collection page
# Fixed - wrong plugin version
# Fixed - single poll pagination has got no bottom margin
# Fixed - single quiz pagination has got no bottom margin
# Fixed - Latest votes widget, wrong author if anonymous
# Fixed - Open Graph characters encoding
# Fixed - item in pending state is visible on published list
# Fixed - gallery items order
# Fixed - login popup recaptcha misaligned on smaller screens
# Fixed - Ul, OL alignments issues: CSS fixes
# Fixed - GIFs on archive pages too small: CSS fixes
# Fixed - Only Author can vote, if anonymous voting disabled
# Fixed - Open Graph encoding
# Fixed - Minor CSS fixes
# Fixed - missing translations

VERSION 1.19 – 11 December 2018, major update

# NEW - Link format
# NEW - Options to edit format texts and labels

# Improved - Option to disable linking to a single item page from a list
# Improved - Prevent links duplication
# Improved - CSS classes added to allow easier elements targeting
# Improved - Moderation

# Fixed - Snax toolbar is missing in the preview mode
# Fixed - Snax Poll results mobile CSS fixes
# Fixed - Other CSS minor fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices and errors
# Fixed - Missing translations

VERSION 1.14.3 – 22 August 2018, major update

# Improved - myCRED integration (hook)
# Improved - Votes BuddyPress page and widget
# Improved - Snax GDPR compliance improvements
# Improved - reCaptcha on BuddyPress register form

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices and errors
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - Auto Featured Image for embeds overrides the one set manually
# Fixed - Fake votes not working
# Fixed - Snax format's options not working properly
# Fixed - Fake counters issues
# Fixed - List draft issues
# Fixed - Email notices not working correctly
# Fixed - Votes widget issues
# Fixed - Front submission UI issues
# Fixed - Draft and post status related issues
# Fixed - Embed issues
# Fixed - Broken link in after submission notice
# Fixed - Login popup issues
# Fixed - Meme creator issues
# Fixed - No page reload after login in login popup
# Fixed - Unnecessary "See more" link in item comments
# Fixed - HTML special chars are escaped in microshares
# Fixed - Meme - minor UI glitches
# Fixed - Issues with login popup
# Fixed - All list drafts turn into open lists
# Fixed - Share buttons always visible in polls
# Fixed - Password reset not working on multisite
# Fixed - Snax poll character escaping issues
# Fixed - Meme creator UI glitches
# Fixed - BuddyPress user profile collection excerpt issues
# Fixed - Auto Featured Image issues
# Fixed - Multiple Category Assing on mobile UX glitches
# Fixed - Post limit blocking edition
# Fixed - Voting breaks on AMP
# Fixed - Snax item's comment being under moderation is visible for other members
# Fixed - Twitter login not working in WP Social Login
# Fixed - Snax item comments - see more uses wrong post count
# Fixed - Snax Authors can't add images to a poll
# Fixed - Embed instead of featured image shown in collection for Snax Polls and Quizzes
# Fixed - Snax breaks 2nd level comments
# Fixed - No featured images in the BuddyPress posts card
# Fixed - Snax breaks wp-admin post search
# Fixed - Image/item microshare shares wrong image
# Fixed - Mov videos not working
# Fixed - Snax sanitizes embedly in story
# Fixed - Snax Lists widget shows closed for submissions lists when is set to show only open for submissions lists
# Fixed - Escaping characters in poll share
# Fixed - Only first poll share works
# Fixed - Polls require manual regeneration of permalinks to work

VERSION 1.8 to 1.13 – 26 October 2017, major update

# NEW - Video format
# NEW - Audio format
# NEW - Video list item
# NEW - Audio list item
# NEW - Text list item (now you can create text based list)
# NEW - integration, 400+ providers supported
# NEW - Full control over each format (upload size, allowed mime types)
# NEW - Disable adding referrals for non-admin users
# NEW - Show/hide featured images per Snax format
# NEW - Froala editor in item description
# NEW - Front end reset password form
# NEW - Single item comments on the list/gallery view
# NEW - Upload form UI/UX
# NEW - WordPress 4.8 compatible
# NEW - reCaptcha for login popup
# NEW - Forgot password ajax form, no more redirects to backend
# NEW - Auto title for embeds
# NEW - Option to define limit after which an open list will be closed automatically
# NEW - Option to make Featured Image required during post creation
# NEW - Limits section (adjust length of post/item title, description etc)
# NEW - "Buy now" affiliate links and some bug fixes.

Full changelog

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