SUMO Affiliates Pro – WordPress Affiliate Plugin


SUMO Affiliates Pro is a Comprehensive WordPress Affiliates Plugin using which you can run an affiliate system on your existing WordPress Site. You can award affiliate commissions for actions such as Affiliate signup, Form Submission, Product Purchases, etc.


SUMO Affiliates Pro - WordPress Affiliate Plugin - 4


  • Comprehensive WordPress Affiliate Plugin
  • Advanced integration with WooCommerce
  • Affiliate commission for form submission through – Contact Form7 – Formidable Forms – WP Forms
  • Affiliate commission for email subscription through – MailChimp – ActiveCampaign
  • Affiliate commission for accessing individual pages/posts which has landing commission shortcodes
  • Affiliate registration form for users
  • Users can attach documents while submitting the affiliate registration form
  • Option for the user to directly become an affiliate while creating an account through WooCommerce
  • Users with an existing account on the site can also become as an affiliate
  • When a logged in user tries to become an affiliate, site admin has the option to – Manage the affiliate account within the existing account – Create a separate account for affiliate promotion – Let the user decide
  • Option for the site admin to notify and get notified about the affiliate activities via SMS and Email
  • Separate table for the site admin to manage the affiliates
  • Option for the site admin to automatically approve all the affiliate applications/approve after review
  • Separate dashboard for the affiliate to manage the affiliate promotion
  • Option for the site admin to create unlimited additional tabs in the affiliate dashboard
  • Affiliates can generate unlimited affiliate links
  • QR code can be generated for affiliate links and can be downloaded as an image
  • Affiliate link validity can be restricted to the product for which the link was generated
  • Refer a friend form for affiliates
  • Option for the site admin to create unique landing pages for affiliates
  • The validity of affiliate links can be customized by the site admin
  • Option for the site admin to identify the affiliate based on – Affiliate ID – Affiliate Name
  • Option for the site admin to allow their affiliates to customize their affiliate slug
  • Option for the site admin to allow affiliates to generate readable affiliate links(Pretty affiliate links)
  • Your Affiliates can promote the products on your site without using an affiliate link
  • MLM system for Affiliates
  • The number of direct referrals, number of levels to award MLM commission and commission rate for each level can be customized
  • Account Signup Affiliate Commission
  • Affiliate Signup Commission
  • WooCommerce Product Purchase Commission
  • Option for the site admin to set commission rate for individual products at the affiliate level
  • Affiliates can receive referral commission when their referrals use the WooCommerce coupons which are linked to them
  • Option for the site admin to award lifetime commission to the affiliates for the purchases made by their referrals
  • Separate table to capture the URLs that were accessed using an affiliate link
  • The Conversion status of the affiliate links will be captured
  • Separate table to capture the referral actions which got converted
  • Option for the site admin to approve the referrals automatically/approve the referrals after review
  • Referral commissions can be restricted for specific products/categories
  • Option for the site admin to stop awarding the commission to the affiliate if – The referred user has exceeded the number of orders specified – The referred user has exceeded the amount to be spent on the site – The referred user has exceeded the amount to be spent on one order
  • Option for the site admin to allow their users to select an affiliate during checkout, so that the affiliate commission for that purchase will be awarded to that affiliate
  • Option for the site admin to allow their affiliates to view the order details of their referrals
  • Option for the site admin to earn commissions for the purchases made using their own affiliate links
  • When a user uses multiple affiliate links to complete a referral action, site admin has the option to – Award commission for the first affiliate – Award commission for the most recent affiliate
  • Option for the site admin to set a maximum commission amount which can be allowed for any referral action
  • Site admin can process referral payment for their affiliates using any one of the payment methods listed below – PayPal Payouts – Bank Transfer – Affiliate Wallet – Reward Points(Requires SUMO Reward Points)
  • Option for the site admin to attach files in the emails sent to the affiliates
  • Option for the site admin to automatically generate and send payout statements as a PDF file in the payout emails
  • Option for the site admin and affiliate to be notified via pushover notification for referral actions
  • Option for the site admin to display a leaderboard of the affiliates
  • Option for the site admin and the affiliate to view detailed reports about affiliate promotion on the site
  • Option for the site admin to send periodic reports via email to their affiliates
  • Option for the site admin to export the following data as CSV – Affiliates – Visits – Referrals – Payouts
  • Option for the site admin to create promotional banners which can be used by affiliates for promoting the site
  • Compatible with SUMO Reward Points – Affiliate commissions can be awarded as Reward Points(Requires SUMO Reward Points Plugin)
  • Compatible with SUMO Subscriptions Option for the site admin to award affiliate commission for – Only initial payments – Both initial and renewal payments
  • Compatible with SUMO Payment Plans – Payment plan product’s affiliate commission will be awarded once the final payment for the product has been received
  • Compatible with SUMO Pre-Orders Option for the site admin to award commission for – Pay Upfront products – Pay on Release products
  • Highly customizable
  • Extensive list of shortcodes
  • Translation ready
  • and more

Compatible With

SUMO Affiliates Pro is Compatible with

1. SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Points and Rewards System

2. SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System

3. SUMO WooCommerce Deposits and Payment Plans

4. SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders

5. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

How to Install SUMO Affiliates Pro?

1. Download the latest version file ( of SUMO Affiliates Pro from Codecanyon.
2. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
3. Install the latest version of SUMO Affiliates Pro i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
4. Activate the Plugin.

How to Upgrade to a newer version of SUMO Affiliates Pro?

If you are using an older version and want to upgrade to the latest version of SUMO Affiliates Pro then please do the following steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of SUMO Affiliates Pro in your site.
2. Download the latest version file ( of SUMO Affiliates Pro from Codecanyon.
3. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
4. Install the latest version of SUMO affiliates Pro i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you will not lose any settings values, data etc by following the above steps.


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.

SUMO Affiliates Pro - WordPress Affiliate Plugin - 5


Version 9.9.0 on 30 November 2023
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the Wallet Transaction Logs at the admin end 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.4.1 
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v8.3.1 
Fix: Fatal error in Affiliate Fee module[Conflict with SUMO Subscriptions Compatibility] 
Fix: Unable to create the affiliates manually by the admin[Conflict with SUMO Pre-Orders Compatibility] 
Fix: Fatal error in Affiliates List Table 
Fix: PHP Errors Fixed

Version 9.8.0 on 12 October 2023
New: Added Pagination option in Visits menu at the admin end
Tweak: Improvement in pagination at the admin end
Tweak: Validation in WooCommerce Referral Restriction module when the value didn't set
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.3.1
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v8.2.0

Version 9.7.0 on 18 August 2023
Tweak: Tested with PHP v8.2.0 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.3.0 
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v8.0.2 
Tweak: Improvement in sending the Affiliate Emails to Admin 
Tweak: Improvement in Product Commissions Table

Version 9.6.0 on 21 July 2023
Tweak: Compatible with High-Performance Order Storage[HPOS] 
Tweak: Improvements in PO Translation 
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v7.9.0 
Fix: Commission Calculation issue when using WooCommerce Coupon

Version 9.5.0 on 24 June 2023
Tweak: Code Improvements 
Tweak: Improvement in Payout Statements Module
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the Referral Commission Amount in an email based on Decimal Separator  
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.2.2 and WooCommerce v7.8.0
Fix: Compatibility Issue with SUMO Payment Plans Plugin[Getting Internal Server Error at Checkout]
Fix: Incorrect commission calculated when using coupon linked with Affiliate[Issue with Inclusive Tax Setup]
Fix: Wallet funds are not deducting properly from the Affiliate Account[Issue with Inclusive Tax Setup]

Version 9.4.0 on 12 May 2023
Tweak: Improvement in Thousand Separator field
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.2 & WooCommerce v7.7.0
Fix: Affiliate Fee is not working when approving the application manually

Version 9.3.0 on 08 March 2023
New: Admin can assign affiliates when manually creating orders
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v7.4.1

Version 9.2 on 31 January 2023
New: WooCommerce Product Commission Module[Affiliates can see the Product Commission Rate(s) in the Dashboard]
Tweak: Improvement in generating Payout in Bulk Action
Tweak: Improvement in calculating MLM Commission
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v7.3.0

Version 9.1 on 28 December 2022
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.1.1 & WooCommerce v7.2.2
Tweak: Code Improvements
Tweak: Improvement made in Pagination displayed at Affiliate Dashboard
Fix: Incorrect Currency displayed in Referral Order Details[Compatibility with WooCommerce Currency Switcher Professional by realmag777]

Version 9.0 on 24 September 2022
New: MLM Commission can be set at the Product Level
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.0.2 & WooCommerce v6.9.2

Version 8.9 on 26 August 2022
Tweak: Code Improvements
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v6.8.2

Version 8.8 on 15 August 2022
New: Referral Information can be displayed in Referrals Tab[Formidable Form Compatibility]
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v6.8.0
Fix: Compatibility issue in Contact Form 7[Settings are not saving]

Version 8.7 on 25 July 2022
New: Bulk Action to delete the Affiliates
New: Pagination can be set in the Affiliates Tab
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.0.1 & WooCommerce v6.7.0

Version 8.6 on 17 June 2022
New: Option to set the Affiliate Level Commission based on Category 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.0 & WooCommerce v6.6.0

Version 8.5 on 27 May 2022
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v6.5.1 
Tweak: Improvement in Leaderboard Menu at Frontend Affiliate Dashboard 
Fix: Unable to get the Coupon Name in WooCommerce Coupon Linking Module[Conflict with GeoDirectory Plugin]

Version 8.4 on 10 May 2022
Tweak: Following improvements made in WooCommerce Coupon Linking Module 
- Alert Message displaying when Unlinking the Affiliate & Deleting the Coupon Code 
- Validation when Linking the Coupon 
Tweak: Alert Message displaying when changing the Referral Status to Paid for the affiliates who didn't choose their Payment Method 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.9.3 & WooCommerce v6.4.1 
Fix: Payouts are not created when manually changing the Referral Status to Paid in Edit Referral Page

Version 8.3 on 02 April 2022
Tweak: Improvement in saving the PayPal Email ID 
Fix: Unable to set the Logo in Payouts Statements Module

Version 8.2 on 19 March 2022
New: MLM Commission can be set based on Category Level
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.9.2 & WooCommerce v6.3.1

Version 8.1 on 03 March 2022
Tweak: Validation when admin is manually creating the Referral Commission to the Affiliate who didn't set their Payment Method
Tweak: Shortcode to display the Affiliate ID from Cookie
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.9.1 & v6.2.1

Version 8.0 on 10 February 2022
New: Option to set the Fixed Commission in MLM Depth Level Settings 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.9 & WooCommerce v6.2 
Fix: Commission is not awarding to affiliates when referred users submit the form through Formidable Form 
Fix: Commission Calculation Issue when calculating the commission after applying coupon/discount

Version 7.9 on 18 October 2021
New: Added "In Progress" status in the Referrals Tab
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.8.1 & WooCommerce v5.8.0

Version 7.8 on 22 September 2021
Tweak: Compatible with PHP v8.x 
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v5.6 
Fix: "Mark as Paid" option is not working in the "Referrals" Tab when choosing in "Bulk Actions" 
Fix: Fatal Error at Wallet Menu[Conflict with PHP v8.x]

Version 7.7 on 19 August 2021
New: Option to set the commission based on Coupon Code in "WooCommerce Coupon Linking" Module 
New: Option to set a separate email id for admin to receive affiliate related emails 
New: Option to set the Referral Status[Unpaid/Pending] for Referral Actions 
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the "Referral Code" on Affiliate Dashboard 
Tweak: Following improvements made on Affiliate Dashboard for Mobile Devices, - Displaying the Submenu - Displaying the Title in Wallet Menu Table 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.8 & WooCommerce v5.5.2 
Fix: MLM Commissions are awarding to Direct Affiliates[Conflict with Affiliate Wallet Module]

Version 7.6 on 20 July 2021
New: Shortcode to display the Username submitted through Contact Form 7 in Referrals Tab 
New: Shortcodes added to display Billing Details, Billing Details Alert, Affiliate Application Status & Payment Method Alert 
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the Child Affiliates in MLM Tree 
Tweak: Improvement in redirecting to Affiliate Dashboard Page after completing the verification link via Email 
Tweak: Tested WooCommerce up to v5.5.1 Fix: Shortcode to display the Campaign Section is not working 
Fix: MLM Tree displaying for Guest Users

Version 7.5 on 18 June 2021
Tweak: Tested WordPress up to v5.7.2 and WooCommerce up to v5.4.1
Fix: Fatal error at Frontend Affiliate Dashboard[Referrals, Visits, Payments] when WooCommerce Plugin is deactivated
Fix: Order and User details are not displaying using "Referrals" Shortcode

Version 7.4 on 28 April 2021
New: Compatible with WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher 
Tweak: "Total Earned Commission" field present in MLM Module can be customized
Tweak: Improvement in "Terms of Service" link present in the Affiliate Registration Form    
Tweak: Improvement in Frontend JS
Tweak: Tested WooCommerce up to v5.2.2

Version 7.3 on 08 April 2021
New: Option to restrict the Landing Page Commission based on IP
New: Option to restrict the Affiliate Link usage based on parent affiliate
New: Shortcode to display the Referral Code
Tweak: Username field is editable on the edit affiliate page
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the URL in Visits Section
Tweak: Tested up to WordPress v5.7 & WooCommerce v5.1.0
Tweak: POT File Updated
Fix: Affiliate Registration Checkbox is not displaying at checkout
Fix: Fatal error while using Affiliate Fee Module

Version 7.2 on 03 February 2021
Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.9.2 
Tweak: Validating the space in "Username Field" under "Affiliate Registration Form" & "Campaign Field" in "Affiliate Tools" 
Fix: Commission calculation issue on Renewal Orders[Conflict with SUMO Subscriptions Integration]

Version 7.1 on 01 January 2021
New: Pagination size added in the "Referrals" Tab at admin end 
Tweak: Improvement in "Affiliate Email Verification" Module 
Tweak: RTL supported for the Email Notifications 
Tweak: Tested up to WordPress v5.6.0 & WooCommerce v4.8.0 
Tweak: POT File Updated 
Fix: Unable to access the settings present in the Modules when WooCommerce is deactivated

Version 7.0 on 27 November 2020
New: "WooCommerce Coupon Linking" Module supported for Manual Order
New: Option to award Signup Commission after First Purchase
Tweak: Improvement in "Affiliate Fee" Module
Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.7
Tweak: POT File Updated

Version 6.9 on 06 November 2020
Tweak: Decimal Value supported in SUMO Memberships Integration
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the data at Frontend Affiliate Dashboard
Fix: Fatal Error at frontend when WooCommerce is deactivated

Version 6.8 on 28 October 2020
New: Option for site admin to set the payment method for Affiliates
New: Option to restrict the referral product purchase commission based on quantity
Tweak: Validation when not selecting the products/categories under "WooCommerce Product Restriction" Module
Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce 4.6
Tweak: Pot File Updated

Version 6.7 on 09 September 2020
New: Added the following options in the "Refer a Friend Form" Module
- Option to set the Default Affiliate Link
- Subject & Message box as Non-Editable
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the menu in Frontend Affiliate Dashboard based on the menu sorted in "Additional Dashboard Tabs" Module 
Tweak: Displaying the payment method selected by affiliates in the edit affiliate entry at admin end & included in the Export CSV File 
Tweak: POT File Updated

Version 6.6 on 24 August 2020
Tweak: Improvement in Affiliate Wallet Usage 
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the affiliate registration checkbox for guest users in checkout 
Tweak: Tested up to WordPress v5.5 & WooCommerce 4.4 
Tweak: POT File Updated Fix: JS error in the console 
Fix: Incorrect commission awarding to affiliates[Conflict with SUMO Memberships Integration]

Version 6.5 on 26 July 2020
New: Option to display the Referral Code field as Mandatory in the following places 
- Affiliate Application Form 
- WooCommerce Registration Form 
- WooCommerce Checkout Page 
Tweak: Affiliate Status Notification is displaying at Footer after submitting the application form[Conflict with Themes] Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.3.0 Tweak: POT File Updated

Version 6.4 on 04 July 2020
New: Option to display the Static Affiliate Link
New: Added Affiliates Filter in WooCommerce Order Post Table at the admin end
Tweak: Improvements in Translated Strings
Tweak: POT File Updated
Fix: Visits Entry is creating with the latest affiliate[Conflict with Affiliate Slug Module]
Fix: Product Based Affiliate Link is not working for Variable Products
Fix: "Pay as Reward Points" option is not working under Referrals Tab

Version 6.3 on 13 June 2020
New: Usage Count option added in the "Landing Commission" Module
Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.2.0
Tweak: POT File Updated
Fix: Cookie is not being set on the browser when using Affiliate Link[Conflict with Affiliate Slug Module]

Version 6.2 on 21 May 2020
New: Option added to restrict the affiliates When using WooCommerce Coupons
Tweak: Improvement made in Frontend Affiliate Dashboard CSS
Tweak: POT File Updated

Version 6.1 on 13 May 2020
Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.1.0
Fix: Issue in calculating the Referral Product Purchase Commission
Fix: Commission is not adding to the "Paid Commission Column" on the following cases
- Processing "Mark as Paid" through Bulk Actions
- Manually paying to Affiliates by selecting "Paid" Status

Version 6.0 on 01 May 2020
New: Option added to display the plugin menu at the backend for "Shop Manager" User Role 
Tweak: POT File Updated 
Fix: "Product Based Affiliate Link" Module is not working properly 
Fix: "Checkout Affiliate Module" is not working properly

Version 5.9 on 06 April 2020
New: Pagination Settings added for the following tables
  - Creatives Table
  - Referrals Table
  - Visits Table
  - Payments Table
  - Wallet Table
New: Option to hide the Affiliates Menu under My Account Page
New: Option for site admin to write the reason while rejecting the commission under "Referrals" Tab
Tweak: Tested up to WC v4.0.1
Tweak: POT File Updated
Tweak: Translation Compatibility with Loco Translate Plugin
Fix: Selected Payment Method is not hiding at affiliate dashboard
Fix: Unable to place an order after applying the funds through wallet at checkout[Conflict with WC v3.9]

Version 5.8 on 14 February 2020
New: Added "Mark as Paid" option in Bulk Action under "Referrals" Tab 
Tweak: Improvement in processing PayPal Payouts 
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the available payment method at affiliate dashboard 
Fix: Unable to translate the text "I agree to the terms of service" displays at Affiliate Registration Form 
Fix: Visits not getting converted[Conflict with "Affiliate Registration requires Admin Approval" option] 
Fix: Affiliate Signup Bonus Commission is not awarding[Conflict with "Affiliate Registration requires Admin Approval" option] 
Fix: Unable to manually add the referral commission[Conflict with Multi-Level Marketing Module] 
Fix: Issue in displaying the Payment Sortable Icon at General Settings

Version 5.7 on 24 December 2019
Tweak: Improvement in Google reCaptcha verification method
Tweak: Improvement in deleting only the affiliate account
Tweak: Improvement in WP-Editor under "Additional Dashboard Tabs" Module
Fix: Footer is blocking when accessing "URL Masking Menu" in Affiliate Dashboard at frontend
Fix: Incorrect visit entry is creating at both backend and frontend[Conflict with URL Masking Module]
Fix: String translation issue on Mobile View
Fix: Incorrect referral commission calculating for all the referral actions[Conflict with SUMO Memberships Plugin]

Version 5.6 on 07 November 2019
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the Affiliate Registration Form
Tweak: Tested With WooCommerce 3.8.0
Tweak: Improvement in Decimal Separator field given under Currency Settings
Tweak: Ignoring the 0 commission referral entry displays in the Referrals Tab when the affiliates made a purchase using their link and "Commission for Own Links" module is turned off
Tweak: PO File Updated
Fix: WooCommerce Product Level Commission Settings compatible with WC v3.0

Version 5.5 on 25 October 2019
New: Added an option to credit the referral commission as reward points to the affiliate account automatically[Requires SUMO Reward Points Plugin]
New: Option added to hide the affiliate link generator on frontend dashboard when an affiliate landing page is assigned to affiliates
New: Added "Localization" Menu for customizing the text
Tweak: Modified the Guest Restriction Message in "Affiliate Signup Restriction" Module
Fix: PHP Notice in Error Log[get_woocommerce_term_meta is deprecated since 3.6, use get_term_meta and update_woocommerce_term_meta instead]
Fix: Unable to configure the commission value in decimal under "Category Level" 

Version 5.4 on 10 September 2019
Tweak: Improvement in CSS 
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the login link for registered users at Affiliate Dashboard

Version 5.3 on 04 September 2019
New: Added User Role selection for Affiliates registering through Affiliate Application Form
Fix: JS error in the console when Share option is enabled on the Social Share Module

Version 5.2 on 13 August 2019
New: Displaying the "Copy Link" column in the following area at frontend dashboard
      - Generate Link Section
      - Affiliate Landing Pages Table
      - Creatives Table
New: Added the shortcode {product_name} to display the product name in Referrals Description Table
New: Displaying the supported "Social Share Icons" in "Affiliate Landing Pages" Table
New: Added an option to generate and customize the Payout File Name
Tweak: Alert message can be customized in Affiliate Landing Pages Module
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the Social Share Icons in Affiliate Landing Pages Table and Generate Link Section
Tweak: Placeholder added in Bank Transfer and PayPal Payment Method at frontend dashboard
Tweak: Campaigns overall control given in Advanced Settings
Tweak: Ignoring 0 value entry recording in Wallet Transaction Table

Version 5.1 on 05 August 2019
New: Added the SHOW/HIDE option for Campaign Table displaying in "Overview" Menu[Affiliate Frontend Dashboard] 
New: Added an option to generate the payout file name as "Payout-DDMMYYY-hhmmss" 
New: Added the Affiliate Selection Filter in "Creatives" 
New: Added an option to credit the referral commission amount to the affiliate wallet automatically 
Fix: "Request Unpaid Commission" Button is not being hidden when the "Payout Request Module" is turned off 
Fix: Adding New Tab through "Additional Dashboard Tab" Module is not displaying at Affiliate Frontend Dashboard

Version 5.0 on 15 July 2019
New: Added Affiliate Selection Filter in Generate Payouts section under Referrals Tab
Fix: Affiliate Signup/Dashboard Page option is not updating when configuring Affiliate Registration Method as Basic Mode
Fix: Fatal error at referrals tab while paying the commission as points to affiliate(s)
Fix: Fatal error displays when using this shortcode [fs_affiliate_basic_settings]
Fix: Uncaught Error displays at the console

Version 4.9 on 5 June 2019
New: Separate shortcode added to display the following information,
      - Paid Commission Value
      - Unpaid Commission Value
      - Overall Commission Value
Tweak: Improvement in the following shortcodes
i) [fs_affiliate_wallet_balance] - Displaying in the position where it is placed
ii) [fs_affiliate_commission_rate] - Control is given to hide "Paid, Unpaid and Overall Earnings" 
Tweak: PO File Updated

Version 4.8 on 24 May 2019
New: Added "Most Valuable Affiliates Table" and "Unpaid Referrals  
Table" in Overview Tab
Tweak: PO File Updated
Tweak: Export CSV Button Style improvement in Export Module
Tweak: Hiding "Paid" status in Referrals Tab under each entry when the  
affiliate didn't select their payment method
Fix: MLM tree displaying in affiliates section when the module is not activated
Fix: Default Referral Link is not customizable
Fix: Commission value configured through Affiliate Level Product Commission Module is not calculating for Variable Product
Fix: Unable to sort the affiliate registration form fields
Fix: Unable to create the campaigns at affiliate dashboard
Fix: Following issues in Email Opt-In Module
       - Shortcodes[{site_link}, {verification_link}] given in Double  
Opt-In Settings are not working
       - Email Subject is not customizable
Fix: Fatal Error in Overview Tab
Fix: Pagination breaking in tables displaying in Affiliate Dashboard after crossing more than 10 pages
Fix: Notice Message in Affiliates Menu under Reports Tab[Admin end]

Version 4.7 on 23 April 2019
Tweak: Allowed to set commission value as decimals in multiple modules

Version 4.6 on 16 April 2019
Tweak: Improvement in hiding submenu at Frontend Affiliate Dashboard using Additional Dashboard Tabs 
Fix: Fatal error displays in Profile Tab at Frontend Affiliate Dashboard

Version 4.5 on 05 April 2019
New: Added following settings in Additional Dashboard Tabs Module
- Separate Show/Hide settings added for Logout and Payout Request Tab
- Settings added to Show/Hide the submenu displaying under Affiliate Tools and Profile Tab
Tweak: Code Improvement
Tweak: Po file updated
Fix: Percentage symbol is not displaying at both frontend and backend for the linked coupons
Fix: Warning message while activating the plugin[PHP version below 5.4]
Fix: CSS breaks at the admin end while accessing the plugin menu[Conflict with the 3rd party plugins]
Fix: Internal Server Error at checkout[Conflict with Product Based Affiliate Link Module]

Version 4.4 on 18 March 2019
Tweak: Improvement in Shortcodes 
Fix: Fatal Error in Payout Statements Module[below PHP v7.0]

Version 4.3 on 25 February 2019
New: Compatibility for SUMO Subscriptions and WooCommerce Subscriptions[Option to award affiliate commission for a fixed number of renewals]
New: Email Notification to Affiliates while admin manually adding them as Affiliates
Tweak: Payment Method Revamped
Fix: Data not properly updating in Overview Tab
Fix: Time displaying issue in transaction fields for Referral Actions[Both Frontend and Backend]

Version 4.2 on 21 February 2019
Fix: Incorrect commission being calculated for referral product purchase action

Version 4.1 on 19 February 2019
New: Compatible with SUMO Memberships Plugin
New: Added shortcode to display only the Wallet Amount
Tweak: Username Validation in Affiliate Registration Form while users registering through WooCommerce
Tweak: PO files updated

Version 4.0 on 06 February 2019
New: Fraud Protection Module 
New: Payout Request Module 
Fix: Unable to place an order by the referred person when trying to use Affiliate linked with the WooCommerce Coupon is used in the order

Version 3.9 on 01 February 2019
Fix: Email ID Field is Read-only Type in Affiliate Registration Form

Version 3.8 on 29 January 2019
Tweak: Improvement in Refer a Friend Form 
Tweak: Improvement in Affiliate Registration Form["Link Affiliate Account with Existing Account" option]

Version 3.7 on 19 January 2019
New: Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions
New: Added Affiliate Registration Bulk Update Settings

Version 3.6 on 14 January 2019
New: Affiliate Signup Restriction Module 
Tweak: Displaying Affiliate Application Form when selecting "Register as Affiliate" in My Account and Checkout Registration Form

Version 3.5 on 12 January 2019
New: Compatible with Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin 
New: Added Native Color/Multi Color Scheme in Modules 
New: Option added to set the billing address field(s) as optional/mandatory in Payout Statements Module

Version 3.4 on 11 January 2019
New: Affiliate Fee Module
New: Recurring Affiliate Fee using SUMO Subscriptions Integration
New: Social Share Module

Version 3.3 on 08 January 2019
New: When clicking MLM node, Affiliate details will be displayed in Popup 
New: Added Referral Signup Bonus Module 
Tweak: Updated po files

Version 3.2 on 07 January 2018
New: Added Prefilled Subject and Message in Refer a Friend Form Module 
New: Affiliate Selection Enhancement in Checkout Affiliate Module 
Fix: Customized Referral Description is not reflecting at both Frontend[Affiliate Dashboard] and Backend[Referral Tab] 
Fix: Decimal Separator and Number of Decimals is not working in Wallet Transaction Log 
Fix: Fatal Error(Uncaught Error) at frontend while registering on the site along with selecting register as Affiliate option 
Fix: Last Approved Affiliate is not displaying in checkout affiliate selection list when seeing as the guest user

Version 3.1 on 29 December 2018
Tweak: Class name is given for hiding the S.No in Affiliate Dashboard[Referrals, Visits, Payouts etc] using Custom CSS
Tweak: Removed User ID in Overview tab under Affiliate Dashboard
Tweak: Removed the Administrator Role in WordPress User Role option under Add New Affiliate section
Tweak: Control given to enable/disable for Upload Documents field displaying in Profile Tab under Affiliate Dashboard
Tweak: Notification in Modules Tab when WooCommerce Integration is disabled
Tweak: Notification[redirecting to login page] in Dashboard page when affiliate accessing the page as a guest user

Version 3.0 on 22 December 2018
New: Product based Affiliate Link Module 
New: URL Masking Module 
New: Landing Commission Module 
New: Payout Statements Module 
New: Periodic Reports Module 
New: Export Module 
New: Lifetime Commission Module 
New: Added Menu Restriction Settings based on User Role 
New: Added Logout Menu in Frontend Affiliate Dashboard 
New: 10 Colour Schemes added for Frontend Affiliate Dashboard 
Tweak: Removed "Mark as Paid" under Bulk Actions in Referrals Tab 
Tweak: PO Files Updated 
Fix: SMS not sent to Affiliates/Admin when character counts[160] exceed in Nexmo API 
Fix: Getting $0 value in WooCommerce Order Referral Action[Conflict with this option “Calculate Commission after Applying Coupon/Discount”]

Version 2.4 on 15 December 2018
New: Added Referral Description Settings for customization
Fix: Unable to update the Referral information in Referral Edit Page
Fix: Notice Message (Undefined index) displaying in the Affiliate Dashboard
Fix: Incorrect commission being calculating while purchasing the product with more than one quantity
Fix: Displays blank page in the Referrals tab when changing the status to "Mark as Paid" 

Version 2.3 on 10 December 2018
Fix: Affiliate Commission is not calculating for the referral actions[Conflict with Multi-Level Marketing Module] 
Tweak: Improvements made in the following Modules 
i) WooCommerce Affiliate Account Management 
ii) Referral Code 
iii)Checkout Affiliate 
iv) Commission for Own Links

Version 2.2 on 06 December 2018
Tweak: Revamped Referral Payout Process

Version 2.1 on 03 December 2018
Fix: Cookie is not being set on the browser when Affiliate Link used based on Affiliate Username 
Fix: Reset option is not working in Notifications Tab 
Fix: Pagination is not properly working on WP List Table displaying at the backend

Version 2.0 on 27 November 2018
New: WooCommerce Coupon Linking Module
New: SMS Notification Module
New: Affiliate Leaderboard Module
New: Pushover Notifications Module
New: Affiliate Landing Page Module
New: Additional Dashboard Tabs(Module)
New: Email Opt-In Module
New: QR Code Module
New: Affiliate Level Product Commission
New: Referral Code Module
New: Option for the Site Admin to attach files in the email sent to the affiliates
New: Option for the Affiliates to attach files while submitting the Affiliate Registration Form
New: Multiple Shortcodes Provided within the Plugin
New: Dark and Light Theme added for Admin Settings
Tweak: WooCommerce Minimum Version and WooCommerce Last Tested Version added in Plugin Header
Tweak: Po File and String Translation Updated
Fix: Unable to process the Payouts using PayPal Payment Method

Version 1.4 on 17 November 2018
New: Displaying MLM Tree for the Affiliates who are involved in MLM System 
New: Added Reports for Campaigns

Version 1.3 on 15 November 2018
New: Option for the site admin to reject referrals based on the order status 
New: Option for the site admin to export unpaid affiliate commissions as CSV 
Fix: Incorrect commission being calculated in Minimum Threshold option for Bank Transfer and PayPal Payment Method Fix: Unable to customize the Frontend Registration Form Fields

Version 1.2 on 13 November 2018
New: Settings added to display the Google reCAPTCHA in Affiliate Registration Page and Affiliate Login Page 
New: Displaying Affiliate Username in WooCommerce Order as a separate column 
New: Option added to calculate the Affiliate Commission based on the discounted price[after applying WooCommerce Coupon]

Version 1.1 on 07 November 2018
Fix: Email verification module issue 
Fix: Pretty Affiliate link not working properly

Version 1.0 on 03 November 2018
- Initial Release

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