SupportCandy EDD Integration


The integration of Easy Digital Downloads with Support Candy Plugin helps in to allow your customers to choose orders and products within the ticket form. Also, allows your agents to view customer orders within the ticket.

This add-on will integrate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin into SupportCandy. Your customers (ticket creators) can select a product or order while creating a ticket, and agents can see the customer’s order details within the ticket.

How it works

  • Two new custom field types EDD Product and EDD order, are added so that you can create custom fields of these types.
  • You can add custom fields, Product and Order, into the ticket form.
  • Customers will see the “Get Help” button on the purchase history page. This button will redirect to the Support page and auto-select the order in the ticket form.
  • Agents can view the order history, total spent, etc., information within the ticket.
  • Orders details can be accessed within the ticket itself by the agents.


V 3.0.6 (06/02/2024)

  • New: UI improvements for customer profile

V 3.0.5 (25/08/2023)

  • Fix: Show order details button for shop manager role
  • Fix: Attachment links in notifications do not show for the attachment custom field
  • Fix: Conditions are not working for custom fields

V 3.0.4 (18/05/2023)

  • New: You now have the flexibility to customize the fields that will be compared during the ticket list search. This will improve the search speed.

V 3.0.3 (07/04/2023)

  • New: Ticket conditions improvements. Now, you can add multiple AND and OR conditions in custom fields in email notifications, Assign agent rules, SLA, etc.
  • Fix: Security fixes

V 3.0.2 (02/03/2023)

  • Fix: Reports are not working on the latest chrome

V 3.0.1 (23/11/2022)

  • Fix: License activation error

V 1.0.7 (28/12/2020)

  • Fix: New Ticket button url setting not working

V 1.0.6 (11/08/2020)

  • Tweak: Add link to EDD payment history

V 1.0.5 (14/05/2020)

  • Fix: Not working if order id is random

V 1.0.4 (04/04/2020)

  • Fix: Translation missing for popup titles

V 1.0.3 (17/02/2020)

  • Fix: PHP warning fixed

V 1.0.2 (08/01/2020)

  • Fix: License issue fixed

V 1.0.1 (09/10/2019)

  • Fix: Throwing fatal error if SupportCandy plugin is disabled

V 1.0.0 (12/06/2019)

  • Initial Release

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