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TGomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress

What Can You Do With This Plugin?

TGomatic – Telegram Bot Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge WordPress To Telegram poster plugin that is ideal for auto blogging and automatic Telegram post publishing to groups or conversations. It uses the Telegram Bot API to turn your website into a auto blogging or even a money making machine!
Using this plugin, you can automatically generate Telegram posts to groups or discussions, based on a set of predefined rules. Plugin features:

  • Update v1.0.6: Added the ability to scrape Telegram Channels and import posts to WordPress – get content from any public Telegram Channel and import images, videos or text to your WordPress site!
  • The plugin can post to Telegram groups or chats automatically
  • Manually publish posts to Telegram
  • Automatically publish posts to Telegram, on each new WordPress post publish
  • Ability to limit the number of posts posted to Telegram in a predefined period of time
  • The plugin offers many configuration options to post instantly, or to delay posting by an amount of seconds
  • detailed plugin activity logging

Testing this plugin

  • You can test the plugin’s functionality using the ‘Test Site Generator’. Here you can try the plugin’s full functionality. Note that the generated testing blog will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Plugin Requirements



Version 1.0.0 Release Date 2019-09-19

First version released!

Version 1.0.1 Release Date 2019-11-15

WordPress 5.3 compatibility update

Version 1.0.2 Release Date 2020-05-11

Bugfix update

Version 1.0.3 Release Date 2020-05-29

Added the ability to post to private Telegram channels
Fixed image uploading in posts

Version 1.0.4 Release Date 2020-11-14

Added the ability to post HTML content to Telegram (a, b, i, pre, code HTML tags)

Version 1.0.5 Release Date 2021-01-16

PHP 8 compatibility update

Version 1.0.6 Release Date 2022-04-20

Fixed Google Translator problem caused by a recent Google API update

Version 1.0.7 Release Date 2023-09-26

Added the ability to scrape Telegram Channels and import posts to WordPress

Version Release Date 2023-10-18

Fixed PHP 8.2 related errors

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