Themify Builder Masked Image


Give your texts and images a new and dynamic shape! With this fun addon, you can either display images in any shape you prefer and have the text wrap around that shape. Or you can also select a shape to mask an image of your choice, so that it reveals only parts of the image within the selected shape.

The addon comes fully loaded with 16 preset shapes and icons that you can select as the image mask. You can even create your own shape in SVG or PNG format. Masked Image is a fun addon to jazz up your design, without needing to learn CSS, and it offers your viewers something new.


  • 16 Preset mask images
  • Add custom mask images/icons
  • Flip mask image – horizontal, vertical, or both
  • Mask Feather (blur)
  • Custom image width and height
  • Custom horizontal/vertical gap
  • Responsive – Auto adjusts when viewed on any resolution

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