Thrive Headline Optimizer


A/B testing plugin for the headlines of your website, to see which headline performs best.

Headline Optimizer from Thrive Themes will make your posts a massive success.

How often have you pressed “publish” on your new post and done the little victory dance, only to have it turn to a fit of frustration hours later because you still don’t have a single comment or social media share? It’s easy to think nobody cares, until you see a post that isn’t even any good exploding with engagement. Your content doesn’t even have a chance to be forgotten, because it’s not even seen.  This happens all the time and it’s not fair. But this isn’t about fairness.​ This is happening because your headline isn’t captivating your audience to click. Did you know: five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. Good headlines get attention. Good headlines get clicks. Headlines determine the success or failure of your content, more than any other factor.

Creating headlines is not a magical art. Success is simply determined by testing and using statistics to choose a winner. This is what some of the world’s largest, most successful websites do. A good headline can make the difference between a post no one cares about and a post getting thousands of clicks, social shares and massive visitor engagement. No one can pick the best headline the first time, every time. This is why, for every post the pros publish, they create not one, but several headlines and then test them to find the real winners. Top conversion optimization experts agree: it’s not enough to follow your gut feeling. No matter how much expertise & experience you have, the only reliable way to find winning headlines is to test. This way, you let the behavior of your visitors reveal which headline works best. You don’t need to worry about costly and complicated custom built software and data specialists. Headline Optimizer have simple interface, it`s easy to use and it will increase your marketing profit.

How to use it?

Step 1: Write Headlines. Write as many headlines as you can think of for your piece of content. We give you a template to make this as easy as possible.

Step 2: You’re Done. Start your tests and Thrive Headline Optimizer takes care of the rest. The headlines you came up with are shown to different users when they come to your website. Based on the engagement factors above, data is gathered, statistically relevant tests are run and the plugin automatically starts to display the winning headline to your visitors to maximize engagement. Use these powerful features to find your winning headlines:

Quick & Easy A/B Title Testing. Quickly find the most click-worthy headline for your content to get more interaction instead of visitors leaving your website.

Bulk Testing. Save time and optimize all of your existing content at once to immediately start seeing results.

Detailed A/B Testing Metrics. Uncover the different metrics for each headline and see how much the winning one improves your engagement.

Engagement Reports. Get a “total report,” it’s a quick overview to help you understand how interesting your viewers find your content.

Set It & Forget It. Set your own automatic winner settings to get better CTR and increased engagement on auto-pilot.

Easy As Pie. Super fast implementation, even for beginners, no need to know about A/B testing or have a degree in statistical analysis.

Detailed Reports. Focus your attention only on what really matters for your website: click through rate, scroll rate or time on content.

WooCommerce Compatible. Test your WooCommerce product names to get the most clicks and maximize your revenue.

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