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How Can I Get Conversion Boosting Testimonials?

By now, I’m sure you understand how powerful testimonials are for your business.

They are almost guaranteed to boost conversions.

Wikijob saw a 34% increase in conversions when they added 3 simple testimonial quotes on their homepage. And Hotel Institute Montreaux increased sign-ups by 50% simply by adding a testimonial on their landing page.

But still, gathering and managing testimonials is like flossing your teeth. You know you should be doing it, but you’re not because it’s a real hassle.

To get testimonials there are basically 3 options:

Thrive Ovation

Before using Thrive Ovation I didn’t even think about capturing testimonials deliberately. I just waited for testimonials to come in sporadically.

Option #1: Hope For The Best 

You could wait until the last moment, when you’re finishing your sales page, and hope that at that moment you’ll magically find a great testimonial to insert.

But let’s be honest.

You probably won’t and you’ll end up without any testimonials on your website.

So what’s a better solution?

Option #2: Screen Grab + Testimonial Folder

This is probably what you’re doing right now.

When somebody leaves you a raving comment on your fan page, your blog or through email, you copy-paste the message or take a screenshot and save it in your Testimonials folder.

This way you’re sure not to lose any, right?

Well there are big problems with this “system”…

Before Thrive Ovation collating my testimonials was a hot mess of an exercise. Everything from screen shots, to spreadsheets to Dropbox folders have been put together in order to manage the testimonial systems for our business in a more effective way.

How will you find the best one?

If you’ve been consistent about this (congratulations!), you’ll have a folder full of random testimonials about different offers and aspects of your business. Reading all of them and picking the best one will be time consuming.

And when you finally find a good fit, how will you display it?

Screenshots look horrible on a sales page and become unreadable on mobile devices and copying the message into a presentable format will take you a lot of time. Not to mention that you’ll probably be missing elements such as the full name, photo and website to make your testimonials look credible.

There must be a better way, no?

Option #3: Have a Set-and-Forget System in Place

You should set up a system that gathers testimonials (almost) on autopilot and that allows you to have a Rolodex with ready to insert testimonials whenever and wherever you need them.

And that’s exactly what Thrive Ovation will do for you… the first “set and forget” testimonial plugin for WordPress.

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