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The Too Much Niche plugin is optimized to create content focused around products, making it a perfect fit for any product-based niche. However, it’s essential to verify that the relevant products are available on the chosen affiliate site.

Set your niche and basic settings, and let our plugin handle the rest. From keyword research to affiliate product selection, and even content creation, Too Much Niche does it all for you seamlessly.

Note: This Plugin is not working please do not Buy this.

With the cutting-edge AI technology of Too Much Niche, you can create a high-quality and profitable affiliate niche website in just one day!

What does this plugin do?


AI-Powered Keyword Research

The plugin conducts comprehensive keyword research to identify SEO-optimized keywords for each article, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience.


Discover High-Converting Products

Utilizing Content Egg Pro integration, the plugin searches and selects relevant, high-converting affiliate products from platforms like Amazon or


AI-Generated High-Quality Content

With AI technologies from ChatGPT, the plugin creates engaging and well-crafted articles in four formats: Product RoundupsProduct ReviewsInformative Articles, and How-to guides (each ranging from 1800-2500 words).


Professional Content Formatting

Using Guttenberg and Greenshift Blocks, the plugin ensures your content is visually appealing and professionally formatted, enhancing user experience.


Automated Article Publishing

Save time and effort as the plugin automatically posts all generated articles to your website.

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