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Fashion Table

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Envato Elite Author

Envato Elite Author

Are you looking for a plugin to show your WooCommerce Products in a table view that is easy to operate? Then Woo Product Table Pro will be a good choice for you. It comes with a easy shortcode generator, customizing which needs no programming knowledge.

Perfect for wholesale stores, product catalogs, order forms, restaurant orders & more. Fully responsive and mobile friendly.

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Demo Table List

  • Clean Blue Table with Advanced Search
    In this table, we have redesigned our table by blue color and also we have used advanced search with lots of custom taxonomy.
  • Auto Selected Checked Table
    In this table we have selected all the products by default.
  • Custom Design Table
    Here is table with custom design. You can customize your table with your design like color, background-color, font-size, padding, spacing etc from the option panel.
  • Online Music Shop
    These tables are made for a Music site. Music preview available.

  • Restaurant Table
    This table is made for a restaurant. User will easily order products from table.
  • Jewellery Product Table
    With this table you can show your jewellery products.
  • Fashion Table
    A Simple and Sample Fashion Products Table
  • Books Table
    Sell your books with the help of table and increase user engagement.
  • Accessories Table
    It’s a demo of accessories table like mobile phones with different options.
  • Table With Custom Fields
    This table showing many custom fields for products.You can re-arrange the custom field column from the option panel.
  • Quotation Table
    To create a quotation table you need to installed YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote plugin.
  • Wishlist Table
    To create a wishlist table you need to installed YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin.
  • More demo coming soon…

WooCommerce Product Table plugin offers to display your shop products in one page by shortcode as table.

Specials Features

  1. Fast Speed
  2. Table with specific Product by product ID
  3. Table with specific category/tag/meta
  4. Condition with min max price
  5. Ajax Pagination
  6. Ajax LoadMore button
  7. Advance Search filter customize with chosen cat/taxonomy
  8. Filter will generate automatically with available taxonomy
  9. Product Attributes in another column
  10. Product Variations in another column
  11. Auto detect default selected variation
  12. Compatible with all type min max step control plugin Recommended min-max-step control plugin
  13. Adding cart Icon to add_to_cart button
  14. Only cart icon also possible
  15. WooCommerce Product as Table
  16. Shortcode Generator
  17. 100% Mobile Responsive
  18. Quick Order Table
  19. Ajax Add to cart
  20. Able to remove Ajax Action
  21. Quick Order Table – Add to cart selected, Direct checkout page
  22. Quick Order Table – Add to cart, Direct checkout page
  23. Quick View[YITH]
  24. Quote Request[YITH]
  25. Compatible with YITH Wishlist Plugin[YITH]
  26. Well Commented Code
  27. All Message customize able
  28. Instant Search
  29. Advance Query/Search Box
  30. Page load for pagination
  31. Mini Filter
  32. Mini cart in each Table
  33. Custom Taxonomy Support as column in Table
  34. Custom Fields Support as column in Table
  35. Custom message send for Each product
  36. Product Variations Supported in Table
  37. Front-end Live search also with Menu Order
  38. Cart Removing Feature at Mini-Cart
  39. All type Message is customizable
  40. Thumbs image LightBox
  41. Mini-filter taxonomy Sorting
  42. Advance Searchbox taxonomy Sorting
  43. Able Add/Remove Product link from Table
  44. Able Add/Remove Product category/tag’s link from Table
  45. Best Customer Support

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