WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings


An add-on for WooCommerce Bookings, making it easier to sell hotel rooms, apartments, and spaces to your customers with WooCommerce.

Your clients will be able to make reservations, schedule appointments or rent on their own without having to call. Save time and let the site complete the calendar automatically.

Allow your clients to book classes, appointments or items

WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings

Whatever options you want to offer your clients, with Bookings it is possible:

  • Defines a set of options , such as fixed time slots for a class, appointment, or guided tour.
  • Allow customers to choose the time they want by offering them the flexibility to book the time slot they need, just like in hotels.

These options also allow you to block schedules and set them as “non-bookable” so you can take care of other priorities and create spaces between reservations to adapt the schedule as best suits you.

Specify your time slots as much as possible: this extension allows you to make reservations in days, hours and even minutes.

Book individual appointments or events for multiple people

WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings

You can set the minimum and maximum number of participants: limit appointment bookings to one person or allow multiple people to book a class or excursion.

Offers special prices for groups, days or individuals

WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings

You can offer group discounts, allow customers to book multiple time slots, or show lower prices first thing in the morning, higher prices on weekends, or special prices for children. Bookings allows you to customize prices your way.

Shows availability in the customer’s time zone

If your services are online or if you are sending a product to the client, show your availability in the client’s time zone so that they can book the time that best suits them. It doesn’t matter where the reservations come from, whether it’s New York, New Mexico or New Zealand… They will arrive at the time you have set, with no surprises.

It’s perfect for virtual classes, online appointments, or rentals that need to be delivered to the client.

Require confirmation, offer free cancellations… It’s all up to you

WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings

Set up confirmations so you can review them before making the reservation official. Automatically send reminders before a reservation to reduce the rate of ‘no-shows’ (bookings that are not honored) and determine if reservations can be canceled.

Send reminders and reduce absences

WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings

Remind clients of appointments with email notifications sent when making a reservation, confirming it, and one day before the reservation date.

If you want to take it a step further, you can send a special reminder directly from your site.

You will never have a duplicate reservation

Avoid duplicate reservations by assigning the necessary resources to a specific reservation. For example, if the 2:00 PM bride books a trial and stylist until 3:30 PM, that stylist will not appear as available for a bride who schedules a trial at 3:00 PM. You’ll never have to worry about offering the same resource to two clients at the same time.

Manage your calendar your way, including syncing with Google Calendar

WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings

Use the calendar view to see reservations on a specific day or month. You can update availability or existing reservations, as well as apply filters to view specific services or resources.

Do you have more traditional clients who prefer to call to reserve? Add them manually from the calendar while answering calls.

Manage reservations in your store and check that they appear in Google Calendar in less than a minute.

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