WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels


Create custom product labels that promote your free products, emphasise “Free Shipping” or other exclusive discounts.

With the Advanced Product Labels extension , you can quickly and easily create attractive labels to promote your products. Highlight freebies, emphasize “Free Shipping,” or highlight exclusive discounts for product groups or specific products.

With the extension’s easy-to-use conditions, you can select specific products in your store to display a tag on.

Advanced Product Page Labels in action

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

Catch attention

Use product labels to draw customer attention to a product. Having the typical “Offer” or “Promotion” labels everywhere no longer attracts customers, who will pass on them. Create your own unique, custom labels with the conditional framework to display labels exclusively for products in a specific group.

Examples of use

  • Add a “New” tag to products added less than X days ago.
  • Display a “Discount” label for products that are on sale.
  • 30% or $5 off (amount will be calculated automatically).
  • T-shirts from the new summer collection.
  • HD movies in the movies category.
  • Show customers products that have free shipping.
  • Shows “Best Selling” products.

What features does Advanced Product Labels have?

  • Add product tags
  • Global Tags – Select multiple products at once.
  • Individual Tags – Tags created on the products editing screen.
  • Let the plugin populate the variable parts of a tag (like the sale price or discount percentage) with  smart tags .
  • Choose from 6 different types of product labels.
  • You can also upload and use your own custom image .
  • Choose from predefined colors or choose your own custom colors .
  • Align the labels separately.

Extension Backend

The extension has two main interfaces: global tags and individual tags.

Global tags interface

Global tags are located in the WooCommerce  -> Settings  -> Product Tags tab . Here you can segment a group of products with the following conditions.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

Conditions included

The following conditions are included by default. These conditions can be easily modified or extended with action hooks.

  • Product
  • Product category
  • kind of product
  • On sale
  • Best sellers
  • Product age
  • Price
  • Reduced price
  • Inventory Status
  • Inventory quantity
  • Shipping class
  • Label
  • Total sales
  • Featured product

Individual tag interface

The individual tags interface has the same settings as the global tag, these settings only apply to the current product. As an additional setting, you can exclude that product from global tags.

Both label interfaces offer a live label preview, so you can see what it looks like before you save it.

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