WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options


Catalog Visibility Options transforms your WooCommerce store into a catalog by giving you the option to disable all eCommerce functionality.

Wait… What? Remove eCommerce functionality? It may sound strange, but stop and think about it: if you remove the shopping cart, checkout and “Buy now” buttons, WooCommerce is undoubtedly the perfect platform on which to display a catalog of products that are not sold online. The added advantage of this solution is that when you want to start selling, you can do so with the push of a button.

But the advantages of this extension do not end there. Instead of taking the entire store offline, you can also restrict it to logged-in users.

Additionally, you can configure messages to replace the price and “Add to Cart” button or remove them completely.

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options

In summary:

  • Offers the ability to hide prices or show them only to authenticated users.
  • Allows you to disable the eCommerce functionality by deactivating the shopping cart.
  • Allows you to configure alternative pricing content when prices are disabled or displayed only to logged-in users.
  • Configure alternate content for the “Add to Cart” button when eCommerce functionality is disabled or only available to authenticated users.
  • Hide prices to comply with minimum advertised price (MAP) rules.

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