WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments


Use conditional logic to restrict the shipping methods, payment gateways and shipping countries or states available to customers at checkout.

Conditional Shipping and Payments gives you an easy way to restrict the shipping methods, payment gateways, and shipping destinations available to customers.

  • Offer free shipping by product , category , or shipping class .
  • Restrict shipping methods and rates in real time based on package weight , number of items , or total shopping cart amount .
  • Avoid shipping specific products or categories to restricted countries , states , and zip codes .
  • Limit payment and shipping options to specific customers and customer profiles , such as subscribers or wholesale customers.
  • Use specific payment gateways to purchase subscriptions or offer free shipping with subscription renewals.

Control all WooCommerce shipping and payment options.
Control all WooCommerce shipping and payment options.

Restrict shipping methods

Create rules to disable or hide shipping methods based on certain conditions:

  • By product, category or shipping class.
  • By weight, number of items or the total amount of the shopping cart.
  • By activating a coupon code.
  • When purchasing subscriptions .
  • For specific customers, customer profiles or site members .
Create rules to hide existing shipping methods and shipping rates in real time.
Create rules to hide existing shipping methods and shipping rates in real time.

Restrict payment gateways

Restrict or hide payment gateways according to certain conditions:

  • By shipping method, country, state or zip code.
  • Depending on the billing country chosen.
  • Depending on the order total or currency.
  • By product, category or shipping class.
  • When paying subscriptions .
  • For specific clients, client profiles or site members .
Controls conditional logic.
Controls conditional logic.

Create shipping restrictions to countries and states

Create rules to prevent customer orders from being shipped to certain countries to comply with import customs regulations or carrier shipping conditions. Create shipping rules by product or custom conditional rules with these criteria:

  • Product categories or shipping classes in the shopping cart.
  • total amount of the shopping cart or shipping package.
  • Customer profiles or memberships .
Excludes shipping destinations by products or categories
Excludes shipping destinations by products or categories.

You want to know more? In the documentation you will find a complete list of all the conditions available in this extension.

Focus on what’s important

Is having snippets or plugins with limited functionality everywhere a problem for you? It’s never too late to put your place in order.

With “Conditional Shipping and Payments”, you can create global or product restrictions . Whatever your option, with this extension you will have your site clean and tidy. In addition, you can monitor all shipping restrictions and payment methods.

Does your store have a lot of traffic? This extension takes advantage of WooCommerce’s built-in caching optimizations and only loads the components needed for the rules you’ve created. This way, Conditional Shipping and Payments won’t slow down your site.

We’ve performed over 2,000 automated tests to keep all features running smoothly, update after update. This way, you can forget about plugins and focus your attention on what matters most: your business.

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