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Full-featured Profit and Cost of Goods Tracking for your WooCommerce Store. WooCommerce gives you access to great reports on revenue and top-sellers or earners

WooCommerce gives you access to complete reports on revenue and the best-selling or most profitable products. We have now added the earnings report to make these reports even more useful. In your WooCommerce store , you can evaluate everything from revenue to costs and profits. Quickly and easily obtain the information you need to make marketing and sales decisions and thus optimize your store’s income .

WooCommerce Cost of Goods Benefits by Date
Earnings report by date

By adding the “Product Cost” field to simple and variable products, you can easily track the total profit and cost of the products. Costs are calculated automatically at checkout. This way, you can see profits as well as sales information, and detailed reports give you the exact data you need to improve results.

WooCommerce Cost of Goods Product Table Display
Viewing costs in the product table

How Cost of Goods improves your reporting:

  • Provides you with essential information about your business: add information about the profits of the store and the most profitable products so that you are not left with just the income data and obtain more information.
  • Add a “Product Cost” to each product (including variations) so you know the total costs of the products sold in each order.
  • Once you have established the cost of the product, apply the costs to previous orders (placed before installation).
  • See benefits and costs by date range, by product or by product category NEW
  • Export profit/cost report data to CSV NEW
  • Includes costs in orders exported with Order/Customer CSV Export Suite
  • Includes costs in orders exported with Customer/Order XML Export Suite NEW
  • Compatible with Product CSV Import Suite
  • Edit item line costs for editable orders NEW
  • Learn about the most profitable and least profitable sales to know where you should focus your marketing strategy.
  • See a total inventory valuation based on retail prices or product cost.
  • Quickly see the costs that appear next to the prices in the Product Manager table view.

Add costs to products

Quickly add a “Product Cost” to each product, including variations, which will be used to calculate total order costs. This way, you will always be able to know what you have really earned with each order, and not just what you have sold. The total costs for each line item in an order are saved in the checkout, so even if costs increase in the future, the total costs are always historically accurate .

Setting Up Simple WooCommerce Cost of Goods Product Costs
Setting up simple product costs

Adding costs to variable products is also easy. You can add a default cost to all variations or manually set the costs for a variation.

Focus your marketing strategy on the best-selling products

The Cost of Goods extension allows you to determine your best-selling products by showing you which products are the most profitable and the least profitable for your store, not just the ones that generate the most revenue.

Widget for the most profitable WooCommerce Cost of Goods products
Most profitable products


WooCommerce Cost of Goods Least Profitable Products Widget
Less profitable products


Maybe you want to track pay-per-click or print advertising with the WooCommerce URL Coupons extension ? Now that you know which products benefit your store the most, you can create these coupons for them.

Detailed reports

Tracking product costs is meaningless if detailed reports are not prepared that offer practical information focused on improving profitability. Reports include:

  • Profit by date : See your net sales, cost of products, profits, and average profit per order for any date range.
  • Profit by Product – See the item’s net sales, total costs, total item profit, and total item purchases for a given date range.
  • More or less profitable sales : See the most or least profitable products for a given date range.
  • Profit by Category – See the total profit for any product category or multiple categories for a date range.
  • Inventory Valuation : See the total value of your inventory, calculated using the retail price or product cost.
Benefits per product of WooCommerce Cost of Goods
Profit report by product
WooCommerce Cost of Goods Product Rating Report
Product rating
WooCommerce Cost of Goods Total Rating
Total Inventory Values

Advanced configuration

For instant profitability data, you can apply costs to previous orders . By simply adding costs to your products, orders placed before using this extension can be updated from Settings > Products > Inventory to see your most and least profitable selling products without waiting for new sales to occur.

WooCommerce Cost of Goods Category Benefits
Profits report by category

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