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Flexible Quantity – Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce is a plugin that will let you sell products based on their weight, dimension, area, or volume.

Sell ​​items at a per-unit price or allow customers to add whatever quantities they want with Measurement Price Calculator

While selling t-shirts and mobile phones is easy with WooCommerce, many of us also offer products that are not sold individually (such as flooring or wallpaper, among other things). WooCommerce’s Measurement Price Calculator will solve the problems you’ve probably already encountered when setting up these types of products and setting their price.

The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator extension allows you to add and configure a calculator for products that are sold by quantities based on dimensions, square feet or meters, volume or weight. This way, you can easily sell items that have a known measurement. For example, say you sell tiles for $2.09 per square foot (2.09/0.1 m²) and you offer a box of tiles that covers 35 square feet (3.2 m²) or a larger box that covers 60 square feet (5.5 m²). Using the same price per square foot or meter, you can enter the box size and the calculator will display the total price per box.

Do you prefer that customers be able to indicate the quantity they need? Measurement Price Calculator also allows you to sell products based on price per unit of measurement (per square foot or meter, cubic yard or meter, etc.). You still sell mulch at a price per yard or cubic meter: you can allow the customer to indicate an area and depth of mulch, and the calculator will indicate the total cubic area and the final price. Set up combo units and customize labels to meet your store’s needs!

Key features

  • Use the quantity calculator for products based on known measurements (e.g. boxes of tiles).
  • Use the pricing calculator for products that are priced and sold by units: feet, square meters, cubic yards, etc. (e.g. garden mulch by volume, wallpaper by area).
  • Product prices can be displayed per unit (e.g. “$1.75/ft” ($1.75/0.3 m), “from $3/m²”) in the store and on product pages.
  • Pricing Calculator Inventory Support : Product inventory can be managed on a “per unit” basis.
  • Dynamic Pricing Calculator Weight – Product weight can be set or calculated “per unit” for shipping.
  • Price Calculator Price Table – Set price levels in simple product measurement ranges.
  • Calculators available for all physical attributes: dimensions, area, surface area, volume or weight.
  • Area, volume, perimeter, and surface area calculators allow single input or independent input of length, width, and height.
  • Use any combination of units.
  • By allowing user-defined inputs, it includes an optional mean estimate automatically. NEW
  • Customize price and measurement labels.
  • Establishes minimum and maximum values ​​of weight or accepted increase in the measurements entered by clients. NEW
  • Variable products supported for sale at a per unit price, shipping weight and inventory.
  • Special “Room Walls” calculator for wallpaper sales
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator: price per unit in the catalog
Examples of product possibilities

Some examples of the possibilities:

  • Tile sold in a box that covers a certain area: demo
  • Variable mulch sold by the cubic yard (0.76 m³), ​​with customer specified area and depth – demo
  • Colored Fabric Per Yard (0.9m) – Demo
  • Wallpaper per roll according to room dimensions: demo
  • Foam sold per cubic foot (0.03 m³)
  • Garden perimeter fences
  • Coffee sold by pounds or kg
  • Packaging paper by surface
  • And many more…

One plugin, two calculator modes

With this plugin, you can configure two different calculator modes : quantity-based and user-defined . To learn how to configure products for each mode, see the documentation . The quantity-based calculator is ideal for selling products with a set measurement, such as a box of tiles for a given square footage or square footage. The calculator will appear in the store and ask the customer to enter a length and width (for example). You must establish the label and the units to be used, and the customer can easily purchase the minimum number of boxes depending on the area of ​​their floor and the coverage of each box of tiles:

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator – Product Quantity Based Mode
Selling a box of tiles with the quantity calculator

As shown in the example image, the plugin can be configured to display the price “per unit”, as is common in tile sales. The price of the product (e.g., a box of tiles) will be divided by the configured size of the product (e.g., coverage in square feet or meters of the box of tiles) to determine the unit price. Naturally, you can use any of the calculators (dimensions, area, volume or weight), with combined units and custom labels.

On the one hand, the user-defined calculator mode allows you to sell products at a per unit price and in custom sizes. This calculator is ideal for selling products in custom orders (e.g. fabric sold by the foot or meter), with a length specified by the customer. If the calculated price option is activated, the price will be calculated taking into account the price per unit and the quantity entered by the customer.

On the product page, the customer will be able to indicate the length they want and see the final price according to the dimensions:

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator: price per yard (0.9 m)

The measurement indicated by the user is displayed on the cart page, order details, emails and order management panel:

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator – Cart Page

Pricing Calculator Inventory Support

In the latest version of the plugin, inventory can be managed “per unit” for custom sized products (user-defined mode). If this option is activated, you will be able to count the product inventory in the same units in which they are sold. For example, if the product is in feet, you can set up inventory in terms of availability in feet, so if a customer orders two 10-foot lengths, a total of 20 feet will be deducted from the product inventory.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator: inventory management
Inventory in feet

Dynamic Weight Pricing Calculator

You can now set a “per unit” weight for user-defined calculator products. By activating this option, you can set a weight per foot or square meter, for example, so that shipping costs for products customized by customers can be correctly calculated.

Example: Shipping based on pounds per square foot
Example: Shipping based on pounds per square foot

Price table

For simple products with prices that vary depending on the total measurement of the item, we present the price table function . You are no longer limited to a single unit price for your pricing calculator products. Simply define one or more pricing rules containing a measurement range, a unit price, or a unit bid price, and the measurement pricing calculator will take care of the rest. The price will be updated immediately on the product page based on the size configured by the customer.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator: pricing table
Easily set product prices that vary by size

Display available prices on the frontend with a simple shortcode that can be used on the product page or anywhere shortcodes are accepted. Encourage customers to buy more with the savings they can see. Do you want a practical place to display them? How about including the price list in a custom tab added by the Tab Manager premium extension ?

Prices are always updated on the frontend thanks to a simple but effective shortcode
Prices are always updated on the frontend thanks to a simple but effective shortcode

Remember that you can use any of the calculators (dimensions [length, width and height], area [simple area or length x width], surface area, perimeter, volume [simple volume, area x height or length x width x height] or weight ), with combined units and custom labels. Measurement Price Calculator allows you to set up product calculators as unique as your range of items!

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