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The WooCommerce MSRP plugin allows you to record Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices / Recommended Retail Prices against your products, and have them displayed on the sales pages. This allows your customers to see why it’s a good idea to buy from you.

On your product edit screens you’ll now see an extra field in with the normal pricing information, labelled MSRP. You can enter the MSRP here and it will be shown on the front end to your customers. If you’re bulk importing products, then the MSRP can be imported by using meta: _msrp. By default the MSRP will be shown struck-out – much like a sale price. You can style these however you want, the whole content is within a div with a class of woocommerce_msrp, and the price itself is within a span with a class of woocommerce_msrp_price.

MSRP for WooCommerce plugin lets you create and display product MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) in WooCommerce.

With this MSRP plugin, you will be able to define different MSRPs for products, decide when to show or hide these prices (based on conditions), you can also customize the name, style, and text of the price.

Plugin main features:

  • Hide MSRP for products with empty price.
  • Hide regular price for products on sale.
  • Set custom range format for variable products.
  • Apply price filter.
  • Add MSRP column to admin products list.
  • Add MSRP field to admin quick edit.
  • Add MSRP field to admin bulk edit.

You can set display options separately for single productarchives and cart pages:

  • Display: Do not show (i.e. visible to admin only); Show; Only show if MSRP is higher than the standard price; Only show if MSRP differs from the standard price.
  • Position: Before the standard price; After the standard price; Instead of the standard price.
  • Savings amount (and percent) templates.

If you want to to further customize the plugin to meet your needs, you may need to give MSRP for WooCommerce Pro a try, our premium plugin version has options to:

  • Set MSRP by country (country will be detected automatically by visitor’s IP address).
  • Set MSRP by currency (for currency switcher plugins).
  • Customize final template.
  • Display total savings in cart.
  • Show MSRP on frontend for selected user roles only.

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