WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifier


Woocommerce Order Status Change Notifier Plugin allows you to send customized messages for each default and custom order status.

WooCommerce Order Status Notifier

WooCommerce Order Status Notifier plugin helps admin to easily recognize if an order is placed or cancelled at any point of time. It also notifies your users different order statuses like pending payments, withheld orders, successful refunds, unplaced orders etc.If the users perform any actions, admin immediately receives a notification and vice-versa. In case your users do not want to receive notifications related to order statuses, they have the freedom to enable or disable notifications. Make the most out of Order Status Notifier and keep updated about the orders placed with you at all times!

Product Features

Instant Notifications

With Woocommerce Order Status Notification Plugin, you can get notification on every click with the status order change.

Custom Messages

Woocommerce Order Status Change Notifier Plugin allows you to send customized messages for each default and custom order status. This helps you keep your customers updated about their order whereabouts at all times.

Notifications Configurations

Enable/disable notification options for users. Add custom icons along and set the desired notification sound. With Woocommerce Order Status Manager, you can assign role based notification access and even set the duration for which you want to show the notifications. This way, Admin and User can keep updated about order related activities in real-time.

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