WooCommerce Order Status Manager


Custom Order Status Manager for WooCommerce plugin allows you to create, delete and edit order statuses to better control the flow of your orders.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager allows you to create, edit and delete custom order statuses and seamlessly integrate them into your WooCommerce order management flow. You can also edit top order statuses and trigger new order emails based on status changes.

Custom order statuses will be used in your order list and can even be integrated into order actions or batch actions to make your order fulfillment workflow seamless.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager – Statuses in Action
States in action

New order emails can also be triggered as an order status change notice. You can enable emails that are based on changes between custom statuses or core statuses so that customers or store administrators are always informed of order updates and changes.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager – Email List
View emails

Why use WooCommerce Order Status Manager?

  • Create new order statuses and add icons or action buttons.
  • Show clarifying descriptions of order status to customers on the “View Order” page.
  • Edit WooCommerce main states to set the “next state” for new action buttons.
  • Use “next states” to create a smooth ordering workflow and add order action buttons.
  • Add batch actions for new statuses in the order list.
  • Drag and drop order statuses to reorder how they are displayed in your admin area.
  • Use status icons instead of text badges in the “Orders” list. NEW
  • Include orders with custom statuses in store reports.
  • Mark order statuses as “Paid” to include download links, purchase notes, or other features when customers view them.
  • Mark order statuses as “Payment Required” to show “Pay” and “Cancel” links to customers. NEW
  • Add new order emails that are triggered based on status changes.
  • Edit new email content through new templates.
  • Import custom states from custom code or other plugins.
  • Securely delete custom statuses without losing orders.
WooCommerce Order Status Manager: import states
Import states

Add new order statuses

You can add a new order status and choose an icon to appear in the order list (which will replace the status name text badge). Action buttons can also be added if another state uses them as a “next state” in the order flow. Additionally, the following states can be added to determine which action buttons should be displayed for the state in question.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager – Create a Status
Create a state

Edit main statuses

To add “next statuses”, you can edit a main WooCommerce order status. For example, you can add a custom status as the next status for “in process” orders, which will display your custom status action button for any order in process.

This allows for faster and easier order management as custom statuses are fully integrated into the order flow.

Add new order emails

New order emails can be added based on order status changes, including changes to custom order statuses. By adding these emails, they can be edited and activated in your WooCommerce email lists, or you can override the template in your theme to have more control over the content.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager – New Email
Create an email

Show status information to clients

If customers don’t know where their orders are, they may become dissatisfied with order management. The purpose of statuses is to assist in the ordering workflow, so displaying a status like “Manufactured” or “Assembled” does nothing for customers.

Descriptions can now be added to order statuses (including main statuses), which will be displayed to customers when they hover over them.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager: Order List
Client view

Complete order status management

Instead of adding one-off statuses that don’t integrate with the rest of your emails, statuses, or order fulfillment processes, you can now embed custom statuses into your order management plan. To personalize your store orders and help automate management, use custom icons, action buttons, and new emails.

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