WooCommerce Order Tags


Assign automatic or manual tags to orders to speed up order processing and management

With this extension you create order tags which can be automatically and/or manually assigned to your orders. When you have a successful eCommerce store, managing orders can be a time-consuming process. Keeping track of orders and processing them efficiently is fundamental to customers receiving their orders as quickly as possible.

Order tags are visible on the list of orders and within the order details page, you can easily filter orders by tags and bulk assign tags. Adding order tags means you can easily see which orders have met specific criteria without clicking into each order, reviewing the order details, and returning to the orders list. This is a huge time saver and can even open up possibilities not previously possible.

Read on to find out why you should use Order Tags and the great features included…

WooCommerce Order Tags 

Taylor, an eCommerce store owner said:
“Made order processing much easier, we tag orders when they come in relating to the customer/order contents, we then filter by these tags when preparing orders for shipment. 😁”


Why use Order Tags?

  • Assign order tags automatically upon order placement, order update and/or order subscription renewal
  • Automatic tags include: orders which used coupon(s), orders by specific customer(s), number of orders the customer has placed, number of items within the order, customer role, meta data, order status, order total, payment method, products within the order, products within order from specific categories, products within order with specific meta data, products within order with specific tags, shipping method, shipping method instance, shipping zone, etc
  • Assign order tags manually via the add/edit order screen or the orders list
  • Assign order tags automatically when matching any or all of the rules set
  • Operators of =, !=, >=, >, <= and < for number based values, contains is also available for meta data
  • Order tag management overview dashboard
  • Orders can have any number of order tags assigned
  • Filter orders by order tag
  • Choose colors and text of each order tag
  • Add a description viewable as a tooltip for each order tag
  • Create an unlimited number of order tags
  • Bulk add order tags to existing orders placed before this extension used
  • Bulk remove auto assigned and/or manually set order tags and re-add on all orders
  • Compatible with renewal subscription orders from WooCommerce Subscriptions

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Includes these great features…


Allows you to view a list of all order tags, add new or edit existing tags in the dashboard.

WooCommerce Order Tags

Add or edit order tags

When adding or editing an order tag you can set the text, colors and automatic assignment rules.

WooCommerce Order Tags

Automatic tagging

Create assignment rules so order tags get automatically set when orders meet specific conditions.

WooCommerce Order Tags

Manual tagging

Manually assign order tags when adding or editing an order, also bulk assign from the orders list.

WooCommerce Order Tags

Tags displayed on orders

Each order in the order list shows the order tags, they are also visible on individual order details.

WooCommerce Order Tags

Filter orders by tag

Quickly filter the orders list by selecting a specific order tag in the order tag filter.

WooCommerce Order Tags


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