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If you want to make customer reviews for WooCommerce more reliable in your store, WooCommerce Photo Reviews is what you are looking for. WooCommerce Photo Reviews is an ultimate review plugin for WooCommerce which helps you to send review reminder emails, allows customers to post reviews including product pictures, and send thank you emails with WooCommerce coupons to customers. Not only let customers post a review with pictures, and send a review reminder email, but you can also import reviews from AliExpress and Amazon, as well as export reviews

Important note:

The plugin supports displaying reviews being displayed by shortcodes on specific pages by using WP’s Conditional Tags.

To handle WP’s Conditional Tags, this plugin uses eval() which is very dangerous because it allows execution of arbitrary PHP code. Therefore, please only fill this field with proper conditional tags which are validated and/or provided by trusted developers.

customer reviews for WooCommerce




The plugin allows customers to post reviews including photos. This feature will help you to create social proof of your product and increase the conversion rate.

  • Photo review: Post customer reviews for WooCommerce with photos and videos and shows it on the front end.
  • Anchor link: Support the anchor link which redirects to the review form to leave a review when the customers click on the Review now button on the review reminder email or review filters.
  • Maximum picture size: You can set a maximum picture size that customers can attach to their reviews.
  • Maximum picture quantity: You can set a maximum number of photos that can be attached to a review.
  • Sort reviews: You can select to sort reviews by the Newest or Oldest.
  • Review Filter: This option filters customer reviews for WooCommerce by rating, containing pictures.
  • GDPR compliance: The plugin will display a message and a checkbox at the review form that allows customers to agree to share the review on your page.
  • Ajax pagination: This allows customers to move to the next reviews without reloading the page.
  • Verified badge: Displays a verified badge on customer reviews for WooCommerce next to their name, the admin can customize the badge with text/sample/icon.
  • Hide review author name: Displays the author name of the review with asterisks, which can be displayed as N**.
  • Image caption: Allows review authors to add a caption to each review picture.
  • Edit reviews: The admin can edit review text, rearrange or change review images.
  • Helpful button: This option allows users to mark reviews as “helpful” or “unhelpful”. The result will be displayed on the front-end under each review.
  • Additional fields on the review form: Create multiple optional fields and set values for those fields. Then customers can select these values when they leave a review. The Optional Fields option helps to provide more information about the product.


The plugin provides many design options for you to change customer reviews for WooCommerce to fit your website interface.

  • Front-end style: there are 2 front-end styles for you to select. The Grid style and the default style.
  • Number of columns: select how many columns to display customer reviews for WooCommerce with the Grid style.
  • Background color: This helps you to change the background color of the review section.
  • Text color: You can change the color of the review text.
  • Review date: Choose to display the review date on the front end.
  • Display Review Tab first: In some cases, the product description tab is displayed as default instead of the review tab. This option helps to display the review tab as default.
  • Review Rating Count: Display overall rating on the front-end.
  • Full-size images: This allows customers to display review images full-size.
  • Upload file button: Customize the upload file button on the review form.
  • Custom CSS: You can add your own CSS code to change the front-end design as you want.



Share reviews feature is an advanced feature which allows you to share the same reviews for a range of products in the same list.



You can set up email reminders to remind customers to leave reviews after they have purchased the product. The plugin will send a review reminder email to the customer, asking them to leave a review of the product. To encourage the customer to take pictures of the product and leave a review, the plugin will offer them a discount coupon.

  • Set a schedule after the order change to specific statuses, the emails will be sent to remind for reviewing the product.
  • Options to ignore sending review reminder emails to specific products/categories.
  • Custom sender email address.
  • Customize review reminder email templates: There are 2 types of the email template you can use to send review reminder emails, you will customize the review reminder email templates using the WooCommerce Email Template Customizer plugin or the original review reminder email template in the WooCommerce Photo Reviews plugin.
  • Auto-login feature helps to log in to the website automatically when clicking from the Review now button on the review reminder email.



In case you sent a Review Reminder email to customers to ask for a review, but they have not left any yet, this feature would be helpful. It helps if you want to remind them of leaving reviews for the items they purchased, by resending the email in case they somehow did not leave one.

  • Set up a schedule to resend reminder emails: Repeat send reminder emails after certain days, at certain hours.
  • Customize the resend reminder email templates: There are 2 types of the email template you can use to resend review reminder emails, you will customize the resend review reminder email templates using the WooCommerce Email Template Customizer plugin or the original resend review reminder email template in the WooCommerce Photo Reviews plugin.



Coupons can be given to customers who have purchased and reviewed your products.

  • Send coupon email: The plugin will send an email with a coupon whenever a review that matches the requirements is published.
  • Multiple rules to receive a coupon: You can make rules to receive coupons, if a review is eligible a certain rule, the user/customer will receive a respective coupon.
  • Conditions in each rule to receive a coupon: Set specific conditions in each rule to obtain a coupon.
    • Registered-account email is required: Activate this setting if you want coupons to be sent only if the author’s email address is registered with an account.
    • Upload required: Coupon will be offered only if the customer review contains photos or videos.
    • Verified owner is required: Coupon will be offered only if the reviews are rated by purchased customers.
    • Minimum required rating: Coupon will be offered only if the rating is equal or greater than this value.
    • Required categories: Coupon will be offered only if the reviewed products in these categories.
    • Exclude categories to give coupon: Coupon will not be offered for the reviewed products in these categories.
    • Required products: In this field, coupons can only be received by reviewing the selected products. Leave blank to apply for all products
    • Exclude products to give coupon: Reviewing the selected products will not receive coupons.
  • Use existing coupons: The admin can select to send existing WooCommerce coupons as a prize.
  • Auto-generate coupons: The admin can set to generate unique coupons and send them along with the coupon emails, with all WooCommerce Coupon settings.
  • Configure coupon email: There are 2 types of the email template you can use: WooCommerce Email Template Customizer plugin or the original coupon email template of the WooCommerce Photo Reviews plugin.



The site administrators can add reviews manually.

  • Select products to add a review manually.
  • Add review information: Author, email, review title, content, rating, verified owner, review date, review images.



The plugin allows you to import/export customer reviews for WooCommerce using CSV files.

  • Export review: You can export existing customer reviews for WooCommerce to a CSV file. The exported file includes author, author email, comment date, comment content, rating, review image links, user ID…
  • Date: Select a time range to export customer reviews for WooCommerce.
  • Products: Select the products which you want to export customer reviews for WooCommerce.
  • Categories: Select the categories to export customer reviews for WooCommerce.
  • Rating: Select the review with the rating you want to export. For example, you want to export only 4-stars and 5-stars reviews.
  • Comment status: Select the comment status of the review you want to export. For example, you want to export only approved reviews.
  • Import Review: You can import customer reviews for WooCommerce using CSV files as well. The imported CSV file has the same configuration as the exported CSV file.



Since version, the plugin has included a new feature: You can directly import customer reviews from AliExpress and Amazon into WooCommerce using the Import AliExpress/Amazon Reviews to Woo Extention. You can quickly import reviews using the AliExpress and Amazon product IDs with this feature, and you can import reviews to any particular products on your WooCommerce website.

  • Connect the extension and import unlimited reviews with photos on any products on Aliexpress and Amazon pages.
  • Import reviews to a product which has the SKU the same Aliexpress or Amazon product’s ID.
  • Import reviews to specific products on your WooCommerce website.
  • Set a status for the reviews imported through Chrome extension, you can choose approved or pending.
  • Set the reviews imported by the chrome extension as verified reviews.
  • Import the vote up/down count of reviews
  • Option to upload review images to your server instead of using the original image URL.
  • Option to upload reviews with videos.
  • Import reviewers’ order info (except for logistics info) such as Color, Size… to Optional fields.



The plugin allows you to import customer reviews for WooCommerce from AliExpress by using AliExpress product IDs.

  • Import using product ID: Using an AliExpress product ID to import reviews from that product to a selected WooCommerce product.
  • Selected Ratings: Import reviews with expected rating: All reviews, only 5-star reviews, only 4-star reviews, only 3-star reviews, only 2-star reviews, or only 1-star reviews.
  • Included pictures: Select to import only reviews that include pictures
  • Mark imported review as Verified owner: The imported reviews will be marked with a “Verified owner” badge.
  • Download picture: If you select the download picture option, pictures will be downloaded to your website database. If not, the plugin will use the AliExpress pictures (with URLs to AliExpress.com) to display review pictures.
  • Country: Select a particular country and import only reviews from that selected country.
  • Number of reviews: Select several reviews that will be imported. A product on AliExpress.com can have thousands of reviews and you may not want to import all of those reviews. So this option will help you to set a limit on how many reviews will be imported.



WooCommerce Photo Reviews is available 4 widgets in Elementor:

  • Photo Reviews: To display a list of reviews on your website.
  • Review form: To display the review form for customers to post their reviews.
  • Rating: To display the product rating.
  • Overal rating: To display the last average rating of the product.

Note: This feature is only available in the WooCommerce Photo Reviews plugin premium version.



The plugin provides 4 shortcodes.

  • Overall rating shortcode [wc_photo_reviews_overall_rating_html product_id=""
    overall_rating_enable="on" rating_count_enable="on"]
    : This shortcode is used to display the overall rating
  • Product rating shortcode [wc_photo_reviews_rating_html product_id="" rating=""
    : This shortcode is used to display the rating of a product
  • Review form shortcode [woocommerce_photo_reviews_form product_id=""
    hide_product_details="" hide_product_price="" type="popup" button_position="center"]
    : This shortcode can be used for a single product page or review page of the reminder email.
  • Reviews shortcode (Usage with all available arguments) [wc_photo_reviews_shortcode
    comments_per_page="12" cols="3" cols_mobile="1" use_single_product="on" cols_gap="" products=""
    grid_bg_color="" grid_item_bg_color="" grid_item_border_color="" text_color="" star_color="" product_cat=""
    order="" orderby="comment_date_gmt" show_product="on" filter="on" pagination="on" pagination_ajax="on"
    pagination_pre="" pagination_next="" loadmore_button="off" filter_default_image="off"
    filter_default_verified="off" filter_default_rating="" pagination_position="" conditional_tag=""
    custom_css="" ratings="" mobile="on" style="masonry" masonry_popup="review" enable_box_shadow="on"
    full_screen_mobile="on" overall_rating="off" rating_count="off" only_images="off"
    : This shortcode is to display all reviews or specific reviews of some products or categories

To learn more about How to use these shortcodes, please regard this documentation.



  • Multiple Language: WooCommerce Photo Reviews allows you to display different front-end messages, emails in different languages. This feature works with WPML and Polylang.
  • Preview: You can preview the emails created by WooCommerce Photo Reviews in the back-end.
  • Automatically update: You can update the plugin from your Dashboard during your support period. This option requires you to authenticate your purchase.


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