WooCommerce Product Search


It create a simple search box that shows you live search results, by suggesting you product from your WooCommerce shop that match your search out criteria.

The perfect search engine that helps customers find and purchase products quickly, an essential tool for WooCommerce stores.

The perfect search for WooCommerce

It is the perfect search engine for your store, so that your customers can find the product they need right away.

Your customers will love your store because they will find what they are looking for without complications.

Real-time search

With the real-time search field, customers will find products as they type. In addition, they will see images and price information, and can even add the product directly to the cart.

Write, click and buy… it’s that easy.

Real time filters

Our real-time filters display updated results on the store page as customers search by keyword, price range, usage categories, tags, or any attribute to narrow down results.

Buying was never so easy

With hassle-free, automated setup that integrates seamlessly with popular themes and store layout, you’ll offer your customers an unbeatable shopping experience. They will love how easy it is to find anything in your store.

Search statistics

Get practical information about the searches made in your store. View search activity in real time and history, and use the information in your marketing plan.

Commercial information

Discover what customers are looking for and what they can and cannot find. With our reports, you will know what products your customers are looking for and optimize the store’s offer to current demands and trends.

Automated integration

The search engine is responsible for providing the best search results on the front end and back end. Advanced search algorithms integrate seamlessly with your store and admin desktop.

Search index

The search engine will automatically index all the products in the store and keep the information updated for you. Additionally, when you add, modify or delete products, you won’t have to do anything for the store to be indexed and any product can be found.

Intuitive visual filters

A picture is worth a thousand words… Create a visually engaging search experience that your customers will enjoy. Add thumbnails with real-time product filters for categories, tags, and attributes. Filter by color, size or brand, and show the actual color of the product, along with logos and icons.

Relevant search results

Searches with higher weight, based on keywords, show the most relevant results for your customers. The relevance of search results has improved substantially, with powerful controls that introduce the importance of searches in WooCommerce.

High performance.

The search engine is powered by a unique high-performance caching system. It is based on technology that we have specifically designed to facilitate searching and filtering products in a fast and scalable way. This provides a fast and efficient caching system that also integrates with Redis and Memcached.

Powerful back end features

This extension integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce store and WordPress dashboard.

It gives you everything you need to monitor your store, from handy business insights in search reports to optimized search results for back-end products with the extension’s search engine.


Add exclusive live search blocks and filters throughout your site. The extension includes elegant blocks that make it easy to customize the right search experience for your customers, anywhere on your site.

Choose from a wide set of elements. Simply click to add and adjust as needed: search fields, filters for product categories, attributes, tags, prices and ratings, filters to show products on sale or in stock. Combine them to make it easy for customers to quickly find the right product.


Your customers will love the live product search field, which displays results as you type, and allows you to add items directly to cart. It can automatically replace the standard product search field and is also available as a sidebar widget.

Real-time filters are very versatile and update the store page as the customer types, enters a price or chooses categories, tags or any other product attribute.


All real-time search capabilities are available as WordPress shortcodes. Additionally, we include capabilities to reproduce search results on any page. You can even create specialized store pages!

And with style!

This extension is tested and integrates with many popular themes. Plus, in most cases, it hardly requires any CSS adjustments. And to make things even easier for you, we’ve included a section where you can add your own CSS rules. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help.


As with widgets and shortcodes, we provide a very easy-to-use API that allows you to access all search and filter functions for effortless inclusion in templates.




Using the unique blocks provided by the extension, we show how easy it is to set up live search and filtering blocks for the store.

With its advanced features, you have unlimited possibilities to build custom store sections. The following clip shows how to create a new Store page using the unique blocks provided by the extension.


Filters and search in real time

With the real-time search field, customers can find and purchase products in the blink of an eye: Search, click and buy … it’s that easy.

Product Search Field - Search Results - Detail View
Example of the product search field in real time. Search results appear as the customer types.


WooCommerce Product Search makes searching easy with real-time filters. It’s perfect for stores with thousands of variable products and attributes.

WooCommerce Product Search
Example of a real-time product search filter. The store page automatically updates to show relevant and matching results, based on the customer’s choices and without having to reload the page.


Product Filters - Store Page - Detail View with Extended Categories
Real-time category filters can be expanded to show secondary categories on hover for easy navigation. On devices with touch control, tapping the icon brings up secondary categories.


Product Filters - Store Page - Filters and Thumbnails
Add intuitive thumbnails with real-time product filters for categories, tags, and attributes; You can also show the real color of the product, along with logos and icons.


Product search with filters and intuitive thumbnails.
Customers can easily find products with real-time filters that display intuitive thumbnails.


Reports and Business Intelligence

With the WooCommerce Product Finder you will know what your customers are looking for and you will be able to optimize the store’s offer to current demands and trends.

WooCommerce Product Search
With WooCommerce Product Search you will have very practical information about customer searches. Discover search performance and trends to optimize your store.


WooCommerce Product Search
Find out exactly what your customers are looking for. Do you offer your customers what they want? WooCommerce Product Search  helps you achieve this with valuable information.

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