WooCommerce Product Vendors


Product Vendors caters for both vendors and marketplace owners with specific features that ensure: · Vendor registration form · Send approval emails to vendors.

Turn your store into a marketplace with multiple vendors.

  • Create a marketplace where you can sell all kinds of products.
    From handmade physical products to digital downloads such as photos, themes, fonts, audio or video and even timed bookings with our integration with WooCommerce Bookings.
  • Continue selling your own products.
    Showcase products from suppliers that are for sale alongside your own products.
  • Set up specific commissions for suppliers.
    Offer incentives to new suppliers to join your marketplace or reward loyalty or high revenue with specific commissions for suppliers. Likewise, you will be able to maintain an independent base commission throughout your marketplace.
  • Reduce your administrative expenses.
    Allows suppliers to manage their own products.
  • Do not pay commissions for orders that are not completed.
    Set commissions to be assigned to suppliers only when the order is completed.
  • Maintain control of your marketplace with sales reports.
    Get an overview of monthly sales, commissions and revenue for each supplier.
  • Delays payments of commissions to accounts in case of return.
    Use PayPal payments to delay commission payments if physical products are returned.

Turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace

Do you have a site and a loyal community and would like to find ways to diversify your income ? Would you like to create an e-commerce business without investing in creating your product range? With Product Vendors for WooCommerce you can turn your Woo store into a marketplace with multiple vendors, products, and payment setup options in no time.

Allow multiple vendors to sell products on your site and, in return, collect a commission on sales to cover the costs of running the site while you focus your efforts on building a community.

Product Vendors serves both suppliers and marketplace owners with specific functions that ensure:

Providers can:

  • monitor your public profile;
  • manage your products and edit shipping rules by product;
  • add private notes to orders or customers (e.g. tracking numbers);
  • View your orders and reports on sales performance
  • sell physical and/or digital products, as well as reservations by time
  • receive commission payments

Marketplace owners can:

  • accept and approve requests from potential suppliers;
  • configure one or more supplier administrators to manage supplier information;
  • set up a payment and commission schedule for each supplier;
  • integrate with WooCommerce Bookings to allow sellers to sell reservations by time
  • show the rating of each supplier made up of the ratings of all the products they sell;
  • configure, depending on the supplier, that products require approval before they can be added to the store;
  • allow a fixed amount or percentage of sales commissions to be set and configured separately by supplier, product or store;
  • make payments to suppliers instantly, manually or weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Supplier registration form

Suppliers can register or request registration through a form in which they express their interest in selling in your store; From here, they can be accepted or approved depending on the request.

Send approval emails to suppliers

Now, you can notify potential suppliers that their request has been approved with an email sent directly to their inbox.

Setting up multiple providers

Choose from multiple vendor profile settings, including Vendor Manager (you have access to all vendor settings) and Vendor Manager (limited access, can’t see sales taxes or other settings).

Feature-rich supplier management

Set up one or more WooCommerce users to manage supplier information, including profile, email address, and logo.

Intuitive commission list management

Commissions on sales can be a fixed amount (for example, $5 for each purchase) or a percentage (for example, 25% of each sale): you can set it individually by supplier, product or store.

Manage orders, shipments and customer notes

Product Vendors has built-in shipping by product and the ability to add private notes or notes to customers (e.g. tracking numbers).

Selectively display supplier information

Turn your store into a true marketplace by selectively displaying the name of each supplier by product, their overall rating, their profile photo, and their profile information.

Manage payment settings

Payments to sellers can be made instantly (this is a vendor-only setup and uses PayPal Payouts*), manually, weekly, biweekly, and monthly.
*Subject to PayPal approval

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