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The WooCommerce Quote Plugin integrates seamlessly into your WooCommerce system, allowing your customers to add products to a quote basket and request a price estimate.

Quote and Workflow States\ Quotes can have the following states:

  • New Quote: Once the customer sends a quote, the Plugin will create an order marking it as “New Quote”.
  • Quote Waiting – You can “pause” the quote to process it later. On hold, quotes will not expire and will not be automatically accepted (if you enable the special option).
  • Quote Accepted – When a quote is marked “Accepted”, the user will be notified via an email notification (customizable text via Emails menu). The customer can pay for the order through the My Account -> Quotes -> View Quote page. The accepted quote can expire based on the expiration date that the administrator can set automatically through the settings menu or through the specific date that you can set for the quote through the administration page Quotes -> Edit quote.- Quote rejected :The administrator can reject the budget. The user will be notified via an email notification (customizable text via the Emails menu).
  • Quote rejected by client: Once the quote is accepted, the client may eventually reject it. In this case, the administrator will be notified by email (customizable text through the Emails menu).
  • Quote Expired: Set automatically if the quote exceeds the expiration date.

Edit product prices and add shipping costs, additional costs or coupon codes to the quote \ Before submitting the quote, you can edit product prices, add shipping costs and some additional costs and apply a Discount Code to the budget.

Contact form \ You can customize the contact form that the client must complete before making the quote. You can create different types of fields, such as:

  • Text
  • text area
  • Date
  • Hour
  • Select/select multiple
  • Country and state
  • Acceptance

You can modify the style of each field by setting its width and you can make it mandatory. Each field can also be connected to the order’s native fields (such as billing name, last name, etc.).

Email Notifications \ The Plugin will notify the customer when a quote changes status or remind them that a quote is about to expire. You can customize the text of those emails through the Emails menu.

Expiration and approval \ You can set quotes to be automatically approved (only if they are marked as new quote ) and set an automatic expiration period (only if they are marked as accepted quote ). For example, you can set a quote to expire 1 day after the quote has been made. These characteristics consider the date on which the quote was made \

Custom Quote Message \ Admin can set a custom message through the admin quote edit page which will be displayed on the View Quote page of the interface and in notification emails


Add to cart \ You can enable the option to allow customers to add quotable products to the cart

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