WooCommerce Recommendation Engine


The plugin automatically recommends products to users based on view history, purchase history and products that are frequently purchased together.

With WooCommerce Recommendation Engine you can set up product recommendations for your customers, just like Netflix and Amazon do. The plugin automatically recommends products to users based on viewing and purchasing history, or products they frequently purchase together. It’s a great way to get upsells and cross-sells. Plus, it will be easier for your customers to find products in the store and you will get more sales.

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Types of recommendations

Related products by view

This module shows products that customers have also viewed. Every time a user views a product, it is registered in the Recommendation Engine database. The module processes this data and displays products that are usually seen together. It’s a great way to automatically offer related products and help users see products they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Related products by purchase history

This module shows the products that the same users usually buy. The products do not have to be purchased at the same time. It is an excellent option to display products that the same users have purchased at different times. You can display items that other users have purchased in successive purchases so that your customers buy more items at once.

Products that are purchased together

This module shows products that are usually purchased at the same time and in the same order. This type of view is great for creating and displaying a database of products that often go together in the same order. Many times, users purchase accessories or other types of add-ons at the same time, and this engine will show them those packages. It’s a great way to get shoppers to purchase items they hadn’t thought about.


WooCommerce Recommended Products

This widget allows you to display recommendations for related products by view and related products by purchase history.

WooCommerce Purchased Products

This widget allows you to display recommendations for products that are purchased together.

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