WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro


This plugin extends WooCommerce by automatically setting sequential order numbers for new orders.

With the WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin , your store order numbers will have a sequential order instead of random. In addition, you can customize the order numbers and define the number to start with, the length of the order number or the prefix or suffix you want. This means that, instead of 15, 16, 37, etc., your order numbers can be WT-01000-UK, WT-01001-UK or have the format you like best.

Configure WooCommerce order numbers to your liking

This plugin works equally well for new and existing stores: if your WooCommerce site already has orders placed, the sequential order will start from the last order number or with the number you configure. Up to you!

What advantages does WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro have?

  • Generate sequential order numbers for your store.
  • Start the numbering with any number (if the store already has orders placed, it must be a number higher than the highest order number).
  • Set a custom prefix for the order number.
  • Set a custom suffix for the order number.
  • Include the current day, month, or year in the custom prefix or suffix of the order number.
  • Includes the current time with hours, minutes, and seconds in the custom prefix or suffix of the order number.
  • The length of the order number can be defined automatically by adding as many zeros as necessary to the beginning of the number.
  • Orders that only include free products may have their own custom prefix and be excluded from the payment order sequence for accounting purposes.

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