WooCommerce URL Coupons


If you have a woocommerce store on a domain, say https://plugins.modulespanel.com, then you can create URL Coupons (URL Coupons are just some links) like https://plugins.modulespanel.com/happy-xmas

You can share them with customers, and then they just need to click on the link and that will add products and coupon configured to the cart.
So, with URL Coupons it’s much less work for the customers to order products with discounts. And that should make your customers happy and will help for customer retention

How to use the WooCommerce URL Coupons Plugin?

You can use this plugin only if WoCommerce is already installed in your store. Then you can install this wordpress plugin just like any other wordpress plugin. Once the plugin is activated, In the the WoCommerce section, at the bottom there will be a link with the label ‘Mpwc URL Coupons’. Just click on that link, and that will take you to the plugin settings page.


Please use the link https://plugins.modulespanel.com/wp-admin/?do=autologin to create URL Coupons and then you can try them on a browser.

Features available in the WooCommerce URL Coupons

Once the plugin is installed, an admin can access three tabs from the plugins page.

Settings Tab

From the Settings Tab, admin can manage plugin settings.
We can set up to which page customer should be redirected after adding the products and coupon automatically. It can be cart page or checkout page. Also we can enable or disabale coupon fields on cart and checkout page.
Settings for that is also available.

Add URL Coupon Tab

When we click on this tab, it will display a form to add URL Coupons.
URL Coupons like https://plugins.modulespanel.com/happy-xmas Can be created from this page.
In addition to the URL coupon value, we have to select products and coupon to be applied for the URL Coupon creating.

URL Coupons Tab

URL Coupons tab lists all of the available URL Coupons, from this page you manage them. You can edit or delete them if required. Also can search URL Coupons.

Sharing URL Coupons with Customers

Once the URL Coupon is created, we can share the link with desired customers by email. Then they can click the link from the email and then order can be plaaced easily.

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