WooFunnels Aero Checkout for WooCommerce Basic


We have front-loaded all the work by creating one-click import templates for you so that you save a lot of time.

These templates are built keeping your needs in mind.

For example, the needs of someone building a global checkout are different from those creating a product-specific checkout for a funnel.

That’s why we’ve introduced highly-optimized templates for different purposes; using these you can build your checkout in 30 seconds flat!

The templates are further divided into one-step, two-step, and three-step formats.

WooFunnels Aero Checkout for WooCommerce Basic

You can choose your method to build a checkout page from these three methods:

Customizer  If you want to use the built-in Customizer to create your checkout.

Elementor  Aero now offers deep integration with Elementor. More about that in just a bit.

Divi – Divi lovers, FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) also offers deep integration with Divi to build your page using different Divi templates and modules.

Oxygen – Use this option to create your pages using the Oxygen builder tool.

Custom – Great for building checkout pages using Divi, Beaver, Thrive, and other page builders.
Now let’s start with the built-in Customizer.

Create Beautiful Checkout Pages with Customizer Templates

The built-in Customizer is very flexible and versatile. We’ve now added one-click import templates to the Customizer in a single-step and multi-step checkout form format.

You can preview the template and then import the one you like.

On studying the usage patterns of Aero Checkout users, we found the Shop Checkout was the most popular template, being used as a global checkout.

Understandably so, because people loved the Shopify-style checkout right inside WooCommerce! So just like the other checkout templates, the Shop template, too, is divided into three formats.

Let’s import the Shop Checkout template in a 3-step format:

WooFunnels Aero Checkout for WooCommerce Basic
WooFunnels Aero Checkout for WooCommerce Basic 5

There you go! An optimized checkout is ready to take orders. The checkout pages designed by Aero are also optimized for mobile.

Deep Integration with Elementor to Build Gorgeous Checkouts

This is not yet another feature. It is a game-changer.

This single update sets Aero Checkout apart from the other checkout page builders out there.

It completely unleashes your ability to build on-brand, custom WooCommerce checkout pages, right inside of Elementor.

Elementor is a super flexible and powerful page builder. It also has one of the most extensible APIs to allow developers to build on top of it.

So after several conversations with our close-knit community, we decided to roll out deep integration with Elementor.

And oh boy, you’ll be amazed to see the kind of design and tech capabilities that you now have at your fingertips.

Professionally-Designed Elementor Templates

We’ve designed gorgeous checkout templates in Elementor. Each of these templates is divided into one-step, two-step, and three-step checkout form formats.

To design these templates, we brought on board top-brass designers and studied several highly optimized checkout pages and funnels.

Each template is purposely designed to provide your prospects with a frictionless and anxiety-free checkout experience.

WooFunnels Aero Checkout for WooCommerce Basic

They not only save you time but also give your brand a professional image you’d be proud of.

Keep in mind: Different templates solve different purposes.

For example, our Closer template is built for one-page checkout, Minimalist for global checkout.

Two New Power-Packed Elementor Checkout Widgets

Our brand new drag & drop widgets for Elementor are unlike any other widget that you have experienced before!

Because of the sheer customization ability that comes with them.

If you don’t want to pick a template and start from there, you can build your checkout from scratch. And that’s exactly where the widgets come into the picture.

Here are some of the customization possibilities:

  • Enable the steps bar for progress indication
  • Adjust the width of every form field individually
  • Add a clickable link to return to the previous step (for multi-step checkouts)
  • Collapsible order summary for mobile or desktop or both
  • Change the CTA Button text
  • Add a persuasive line of text right below the CTA button

Those are just some of the optimization options that you have for customizing the checkout form widget.

Apart from these, there’s just so much you can do to customize the styling of the section.

For example, change the border color, background color, add margin and padding, and so much more!

Widget #2: The Mini Cart Widget

As per a study by Baymard Institute, 23% of people abandon the checkout because they cannot see the total cost up-front.

The mini cart widget helps you display all their cart-related information on the checkout page. You can drag the widget and drop it in any section:

Here are some of the options you have in the mini cart widget:

  • Let prospects delete or recover deleted items
  • Let them adjust the quantity
  • Add images to the product(s) in cart
  • See order total with the cost breakdown
  • Enable/Disable coupon field and make it collapsible

Opening up Aero for Thrive, Beaver, and More

Do you want to use another third-party page builder like Thrive, Beaver, Visual Composer, etc. to create your checkout?

Then here’s a piece of good news for you.

We’ve gone beyond deep integration with Elementor, Divi, and Oxygen, Aero now communicates with other page builders really well.

Earlier, we had this feature called Embed form, wherein you could build a form and embed it inside any page builder. But it wasn’t very obvious to the users.

We’ve now made it more intuitive. Just choose the Other page builder and you’ll find a bunch of templates for your checkout form:

WooFunnels Aero Checkout for WooCommerce Basic
WooFunnels Aero Checkout for WooCommerce Basic 6

Edit them and once you’re done, embed the shortcode which you can embed to create checkout pages using your favorite page builder.

We’ve tested it with Divi, Beaver, Oxygen, and Aero works great with it.

Simply go to the Custom tab and create the embed form shortcode. Switch to WordPress editor mode, embed the shortcode, and design your checkout the way you want to, there’s no limitation.

What about templates for these builders?

We’re happy to announce that our team is already working on them and you’ll soon be able to see templates for Thrive, Divi and so on.

We will be rolling it out based on popularity.

It’s your turn to try the best WooCommerce checkout page plugin – FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels)!

Meet The All-New “Optimizations” Tab

Our checkout templates are built-for-conversions. But we still went ahead to find more significant opportunities for optimizing your checkout page.

The objective was to make checkout experience for your prospects friction-free, pleasant, and less time-intensive.

So we put together a robust set of controls under the Optimizations tab.


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